Friday, December 31, 2004


American Boogey

Just as terrorism is being used as a justification for military action to deal with threats to American corporate interests, so too was the Cold War used as a pretext to interfere with, obstruct or overthrow foreign governments who were branded as too Pro-Soviet. Just as our leaders weren't really interested in the encroachment of the Red Menace, via Moscow, upon a world whose freedom was supposedly threatened, so too are our present leaders, in the exact same Cold War formula, not really interested in stopping "terrorism".

In fact, without any terrorism there is no justification for any military action. This in itself should make a totally gullible American public suspicious as to who is really behind all the terrorism in the world today, terrorism that only really benefits those who reap the benefits of the anti-terror spending. The important thing is NOT who actually sets off the instruments of terror, but who actually initiates the plots and pulls the strings. Abe Lincoln may have been wrong: so far most of the American public has been fooled ALL the time!

As long as the American public remains in the dark about these "bogeymen" enemies that we are constantly reminded of, the government and controlling corporations will have a field day at our expense! Just like the famous hamburger ad years ago where the elder lady asks "Where's the beef?", Americans are going to have to acquire a "Where's the evidence?" posture if they can ever hope to regain some power in their own government. Blind obedience is not a virtue when it comes to democratic government, but a cancer.

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