Friday, December 31, 2004


Americans Missing Something?

It never fails to amaze me how Americans can have a total lack of memory and perspective on current events. They seem to forget from one day to the next, especially when it comes to government coverups. This makes it so easy for the government to get away with abuses. Imagine a repeat sex offender standing trial and not one mention made of his past crimes during the trial. Imagine someone being tried for arson and not one mention made during the trial that he has repeatedly been tried for the crime.

There is a common thread running through recent American history that US citizens should clearly see by now. Anyone who cannot or will not see it is woefully in the dark. These people cannot really term themselves good informed citizens even though they will be the main flag-wavers when the government blows the flag-waving-be-a-good-patriot whistle. The common thread I'm referring to is government coverups.

If people were more aware of this thread it would be much more difficult for the government to sweep the truth under the rug and get away with crimes against humanity AND the American people. As it is, each new major crime, such as 911, is treated on its own merits and not seen through the light of this thread. Obviously if a government can get away with covering up its own crimes it will go on committing them.

A good sound democracy must continually have its government on trial. That government must be accountable to its constituents or by theory it is NOT a democracy. The "Trust Our President" mentality is for the blind sheep who aren't even aware they are being led to slaughter. Blind trust only invites the abusers of trust to take advantage of that trust.

There is really no excuse at this point for most Americans not to see that their trust has been abused over and over again. It has happened so many times. Many Americans live in denial that their government can do anything wrong, but history has shown many times over that a population that blindly follows its government only heads down the road to ruin.

If you blindly follow and believe, then you are no better than the Nazi hordes that came close to destroying the world. If you do not demand the truth from your government, then you are not really an American! This government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, not for the big corporations that steer it to their greedy advantage!

Nothing has really changed since 911- the government still violates civil rights, still attacks other nations on trumped-up criteria, still meddles in other nation's affairs, still allows Israel to rampage through its neighbor's territories without sanction, still supports national leaders that act as their puppets, repressing their own people, and still covers up its crimes to the American people. Only the intensity of all these things has changed, not the substance.

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