Friday, December 31, 2004


Bin Ladened To Death

All of the pre-911 intelligence reports about possible Bin Laden terrorist actions only seem to serve one thing in my view- provide a clear established patsy when the attacks took place. Remember all of those "Lee Harvey Oswalds" walking in and around Dallas in late 1963, making sure that there would be a public record of "his" hate and aversion for President Kennedy? Oswald sightings were reported in places that the real Oswald could not possibly have been at the time. These were obviously look-a-likes providing a real suspect(patsy) for the impending assassination of JFK.

Apparently, it was more important to have Bin Laden's supposed plans of terror on the intelligence record than to worry about what the American public might think as far as government foreknowledge and lack of preventive action. Besides, why would the perpetrators want to stop their own 911 plans. If Bin Laden had been arrested and incarcerated it would be alot tougher for the government to explain away 911. Oswald could not have shot Kennedy behind bars. He had to be in place when the assassination occurred, in the Texas School Book Depository. Bin Laden had to be in place, also, hidden somewhere in the first nation on the attacks plans of the neo-cons: Afghanistan.

I sincerely doubt that there were ever really any substantiated Bin Laden plots uncovered by intelligence. Remember, this was all BEFORE the forged Niger/uranium document, purporting to show that Iraq was buying uranium for a nuclear weapons program. Look how long it has taken for this story to even begin to slightly leak into the public's awareness! Anyone who controls the flow of intelligence can easily create false records. Why should we believe the pre-911 Bin Laden intelligence reports any more than all of the other lies we have been subject to since 911?

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