Friday, December 31, 2004


The Blame Game

Why do the Arabs get blamed for the crimes that Israel commits, specifically to blame on the Arabs? The Israeli government, since its inception, has hidden behind a cloak of saintliness that allows it to get away with crimes against humanity. And to make this even worse, we, as USA taxpayers, have to dole out 3 billion a year to the Israeli government, most of which goes to a military that is already the 4th largest in the world. Add to this the fact that these payments are not repaid and never have been expected to be repaid. The American people are mainly in the dark about this and the crimes Israeli governments have committed against Americans.

Just think of how many schools, hospitals, highways, etc. can be improved with that 3 billion dollars that mainly goes to stirring up more anti-Israeli hatred in the Mideast. It is irresponsible when the American people are kept in the dark about these things and furthermore, even when they know about them, cannot do anything about them. Even the Israeli people themselves, and most Jews in the world, are aghast at the inhumane treatment that the Israeli government dishes out to its neighbors. If it is a crime for an Arab country to attack or mistreat peoples, it is also a crime for Israel.

I love the Jewish peoples of this world. They are a very religious, colorful and benign influence, I believe, on societies. The thing that irks me is how the Israeli government hides behind a cloak of respectability and holiness, thanks mainly to a US goverment that will not challenge Israeli crimes, and makes it tougher for all of the innocent Jews of the world. We cannot have double standards when it comes to justice, and any crimes that any nation must be punished for must also apply to Israel. I am not picking on Israel here, just pointing out facts that the American public is long overdue in knowing.

Americans are in a very dire economic situation now, with a gigantic deficit, and it does not serve our interests to be giving free loans to a nation that only uses them to throw more fuel on the fire of international tensions, not to mention the anti-American sentiment it also arouses world-wide. We must deal with Israel now. This is not Israel's nation, but a nation for all Americans supposedly. When Israel can openly attack Americans and pin the blame elsewhere, when Israel can take our hard-earned money and use it to repress and terrorize people, then there are traitors in our midst who allow this situation to go on unabated!

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