Friday, December 31, 2004


Changing Roles

If the United States was . . .

1) attacked by a foreign power(we will call AGGRESSIUM) on false premises
2) our sisters and brothers slaughtered and humiliated before our very eyes
3) our public institutions(libraries, schools, government offices, stadiums, museums, etc.) destroyed and/or looted by riotous crowds
4) our military summarily fired and replaced by appointed henchmen of the attacking nation
5) our infrastructure crippled, leaving us without power and clean water
6) our natural resources put on the auction block
7) our farmlands destroyed by the occupiers through collective punishment(a war crime)
8) The attack by AGGRESSIUM takes place after 12 years of stifling sanctions that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent American civilians.
9) These sanctions deny Americans the most basic medical care, killing hundreds of thousands of children in the process.
10) The United States is periodically bombed for flying in their own airspace, a "no-fly zone" enforced by AGGRESSIUM to supposedly protect Americans from their own leaders.
11) Right before being attacked, the United States was disarming under UN supervision, but AGGRESSIUM took unilateral action, ignoring the UN process.
12) AGGRESSIUM destroyed much of the American infrastructure in an attack 12 years previous, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in the process. This attack was precipitated when the United States sent troops into Mexico to stop Mexican cross-drilling for oil into American territory, stealing our oil. AGGRESSIUM got an international coalition rounded up to repel American troops from Mexico.

. . . Would they hand out roses to the conquerors? Would they cooperate with the installed provisional government?

Sound familiar? It should, because this is exactly what Iraqis have had to endure since 1991. Americans can sure dish it out, but as far as taking it . . . how would Americans respond? They certainly don't know the half of it when it comes to foreign aggression! What the United States has done to other nations around the world the past 100 years(most of it covert and hidden from mass public viewing) makes 911 look like a kid shoplifting a pencil! Americans need to start realizing that international respect is something that is earned, not bestowed upon nations with the biggest arsenals. I just can't see how Americans would ever come to have a real respect for AGGRESSIUM.

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