Friday, December 31, 2004


Fiscal Racism

If there is one thing Americans should know about Iraq it is this- the cost projections by American corporations are TEN times higher than those of the Iraqi governing council. In other words, the Iraqis are telling the Americans that they can do the job of rebuilding Iraq THEMSELVES for a tenth of the cost that the Americans can! If the invasion of Iraq was all about freedom and democracy, then where is the freedom and democracy being applied here?

Saddam Hussein invited President Bush to a debate when the Iraq invasion issue was just seen as threatening rhetoric. Bush, of course, turned him down, the media making it look like a sick joke on Hussein's part. I wonder how many Americans would have loved to have seen that debate! It would have been the highest rated television event in history. Since Bush and his people knew the president was dead meat in any debate with Hussein, it wasn't even considered. Any consideration would have given credence to Hussein anyway.

What the American people need right now is a debate about our tax dollars going to the right people in the construction of Iraq. If we truly liberated the Iraqi people, then why can't we let them return the favor and rebuild their own nation. That is what they want more than anything- a US commitment to the independence of the Iraqi people. By dominating Iraqi reconstruction efforts, we are placing a bigger and heavier blanket over this downtrodden nation than Saddam Hussein ever could have!

If Americans truly knew the extent of the government's thievery, our leaders would be hanging from light posts tomorrow morning.

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