Friday, December 31, 2004


Fleeced Americans

The only thing that helps me keep my sanity with regards to the Bush adminstration's fleecing of Americans is this-

If Americans choose to keep their heads buried in the sand, if they choose to let their silly pride get in the way of truths, if they continue to block out and censure those who try to reveal the truth, if they continue to revel in their little materialistic worlds, if they continue to justify violating other nations through a false feeling of superiority, if they continue their immature games of party politics, if they continue to believe the terror fairy tales concocted by the government without any critcal thought, then they trully deserve what they are getting from this sadisitic, greedy and immoral government.

And as recent history has shown, when the American people are ready and willing to be fleeced, the Bush family and their associates are the ones best qualified to do the job.

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