Friday, December 31, 2004


Good guys/Bad guys

Unfortunately, Americans have been conditioned to see everything around them in a "good guy/bad guy" frame of mind. This conditioned state of mind comes from the media, where everything presented to the public seems to be based on this dichotomy, and always in a simplified form. There is never any gray area, just "good guys" and "bad guys". In the real world, this makes it easy for the government spinsters to frame individuals and nations in this light. The simplified and sanitized official versions of just about every wrongdoing ever committed against Americans, from the JFK assassination to 911, are easy to impress upon a public that has been conditioned to always accept the good guy/bad guy scenario, damned be the real facts.

Americans live in a fairy tale world, thanks to the brainwashing that they unknowingly expose themselves to each and every day. Their simplified and false perceptions about the world are further cemented in their minds by misinformation through the media. These perceptions have become so solidified in many Americans' minds that denial has become a real serious deterrent to any major factual disclosures about wrongdoing on "our side". People just do not want to believe that they are in error or have been fooled.

Add to this perception problem the divisiveness that party politics brings, where people do not want members of their party being accused or brought down by accusations, and the prospects of the truth ever emerging in a significant way in this nation are indeed slim, if not impossible! Even when Americans actually get a brief snippet of truth, such as the forged Niger uranium claim made by the Bush administration as part of their pretext to invade Iraq, it is a slice of truth severely compromised and some "bad guy" always gets left holding the stick of blame.

Not until Americans take it upon themselves to access sources of information that are totally factual and documented will this nation ever hope to take a turn toward the truth in its direction. Unfortunately, for this to happen it usually takes a cataclysmic event, something far more shocking and inconvenient than a 911 or a TWA 800 shoot-down or a Waco or an Oklahoma City bombing or a power outage- something that affects most of us in a very big way. Americans have come to take what they have for granted and have lost their hunger for truth as far as how they are governed. When they are put in a position to really care, then maybe they will regain their hunger for self-governance.

If you truly care about something you make the effort to know the truth . . . and only when you have the truth can you truly care about anything! I see a sad irony today in this world: Palestinians and Iraqis and many peoples in many nations have been severely cut off from their rights to self-determination, to self-governance, by outside forces. These peoples are certainly more hungry for self-determination than Americans- they have a real personal stake in the matter and consequently they KNOW the real facts far better than the misinformed, naive and brainwashed American.

We are stuck in our "good guy/bad guy" comfort zone, deluded to believe that since America is always the "good guy", we have nothing to worry about, and hence no need to dig up any real truths. This "comfort zone" only confirms and solidifies our fairy tale perceptions about what is happening in the world. As long as our livelihoods and basic rights are not in any way blatantly violated we are content to go along. Hunger for truth is becoming un-American.

I personally feel that the truth can prevent much suffering and hardship in that the perpetrators of illegal wars and whatnot can be held accountable for their actions. Sadly, it will take an event like the Great Depression to stir enough Americans to actually wake up and demand accountability, and not stop till they get it. Unfortunately, if and when they do get it, they will probably revert to another 30-40 years of materialistic bliss and non-caring as the instruments of brainwashing start to grind again!

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