Friday, December 31, 2004


Liberty vs. Security

It is the United States' liberty to meddle in and subvert other nations affairs that increases the insecurity of all of us on this planet. World leaders historically have always seemed to distrust the theory that the better you treat people with regard to freedoms, the less chance you will have any security problems. A government that is run by the letter of a sound and just legal system should have not have to violate the freedoms of law-abiding individuals.

If we truly aspire to democratic ideals on this planet(United States practices over the past century indicate otherwise) then it is the leaders of nations that should be under a microscope when it comes to drawing the line on liberties. Abuse of power only stirs up popular resentment, something which has always been considered a security problem by those in power. Instead of a limit on people's freedom, there has to be a limit, a strict one at that, on the liberties that our leaders can take in postponing our own liberties. People that are treated fairly are less likely to be a "security" problem for those in power.

If the United States would quit repressing democracy here and abroad for corporate advantage, there would certainly be less chance of a backlash by those victimized by this greed. Our national leaders have to take a good hard look at themselves instead of the people they so regularly take advantage of. It is the Golden Rule of security in my way of thinking: treat others with respect if you want them to respect you. Victimizing people only increases the chances of violent backlash, especially when their grievances are repressed as much as their freedoms!

Just the mind set that liberty and freedom are zero-sum entities only seems to play into the hands of power and against the people. I truly believe that the more freedom is respected and acknowledged by our leaders, the less chance will there be for national security problems. Conversely, the more that freedom is curtailed and threatened, the more chance that national security WILL be a problem. After all, people DO naturally want freedom, right?

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