Friday, December 31, 2004


Misdirected Fight

Israel's handling of Palestinian suicide bomber attacks is grossly misdirected. Since Palestinians have no military to battle IDF forces, Palestinian civilians are feeling the brunt of reprisal actions by the IDF. If Israel and Palestine were serious and honest about ending their conflict, they would set up a coordinated effort of police and intelligence agencies, BOTH Israeli and Palestinian, to deal with violent militants.

It is inviting and easy for the Israeli military to attack when it knows their state of the art modern weaponry will only have to encounter small arms and stick and stones. If Palestinians had a more formidable defense that at least kept the IDF more honest and made Israeli leaders exercise more judgment before attacking, I am sure a two-state treaty would be a lot closer to reality. As it is, a people with no defense whatsoever are subject to attacks by a force that is relatively safe in doing so, certainly an inviting scenario for a trigger-happy leader like Ariel Sharon.

This is why a special cooperative effort on the part of Israelis and Palestinians should be launched to root out and deal with violent militants. Even the United Nations and law enforcement agencies of other nations can contribute to this effort. Only then would both nations be on a level playing field. This should apply to every nation on this planet that would become the victim in a grossly mismatched war, like the USA attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

If leaders like Bush and Sharon will not operate by the letter of international laws in dealing with terrorism, then they are a bigger part of the problem than the terrorism itself. International cooperation is essential in dealing with ANY problem that effects nations on this planet. Unilaterlism only stokes the flames of terrorism. Law enforcement by the written letter of law should begin to take precedence over military reprisal and terror in the "War on Terror". It is the only real civilized way to deal with terrorism.

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