Friday, December 31, 2004


The New Patriotism

Doesn't the fact that anti-war point of views and protest are seldom heard or tolerated in the mainstream media tell you something about who is really American? If America is supposed to be a democracy where the people have a voice in their government, then am I to assume that those that would suppress or discourage dissenting points of view are not real Americans? In fact, our present system of government seems hellbent on keeping the people powerless, disseminating dis-information and using divisive tactics at every opportunity.

Those who speak out against this abuse of power and are silenced are the really true patriotic Americans of today. Those who follow the government's lead blindly, without giving due airtime for dissent, are nothing more than cowards in my book! Anyone with a closed mind to another person's point of view is NOT an American, but a bigot. It only takes a leader like George Bush to appeal to the bigotry in people to keep the suppression of democracy in place.

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