Friday, December 31, 2004


Racist Standards

Let me get this straight . . . we expect Syria to sit still and be a "good boy" while we attack its neighbor and fellow Moslem nations, Iraq and Afghanistan, on false pretenses, and provide massive support to Israeli repression of Palestinians . . . yet, when Iraq occupies Kuwait in 1991 because the latter nation is cross-drilling into Iraq and stealing its oil, Bush, Sr. puts together a world coalition that proceeds to orchestrate an orgy of death and destruction against the Iraqi people? Are these double standards existing only because many Americans do not even consider Moslem nations on an equal footing in the family of human beings? Do the rules of self-protection and sanction only apply to America and her "friends"? This is racism pure and simple!

Another thing I want to get straight . . . we attack Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses, then expect other nations on our supposed hit list to not proliferate weapons programs for self-protection? What gives here? We are treating these nations like they are not even entitled to one of the basic rights of human beings- self-protection! We attack a nation because we "think" it will attack us, prodded by government lies, yet we expect other nations to dis-arm when our leaders keep openly inferring they are a potential target? Give me a break!

One more thing to get straight . . . we expect "cooperation and answers" from North Korea and Syria, yet our government totally ignores the dictates of the United Nations and unilaterally attacks Iraq and Afghanistan? We want answers from these supposed threats to our security yet our government will not answer even the most pertinent questions about 911 or any other issues that pertain to its "War On Terror"?

Americans and their leaders obviously have a bad case of racism when dealing with "unfriendly" nations! Double standards like these can only be the result of such racism.

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