Friday, December 31, 2004


Real Americans?

Nothing constructive will ever come from the United States government as long as the American public acquiesces and does not demand an accounting from its leaders. It is high time that the INFORMED part of the public put the heat on the SHEEPLE part! It is time to establish the maxim in people's minds that to hold your government accountable, to demand the truths which by the Constitution we are entitled to, is a true act of patriotism in a supposed democracy such as ours. The constant government/media dismissals and roadblocks to public demands for accountability, such as in the 911 investigations, among many others, has conditioned the American public to accept these coverups as normal behavior, while at the same time making the "true patriots", the ones who want the whole truth, look like subversives, troublemakers, crybabies, etc.

It is time to turn the tables.

The flag-waving jingoistic element that will walk through burning hell with the government must be made to feel the object of criticism. They must be made to see the DENIAL that has become part of their collective psyche wen it comes to their own government's actions. They must be made to see that the government and its sidekick, the mainstream media, has misrepresented the truth to them for many decades and that that misrepresentation has become quite normal behavior. They must be made to open their minds to the grievances and demands for truth, to the case that calls our very government's actions in question. They must be stripped of their pathetic naivete and ignorance that makes government/corporate crimes a cakewalk for the perpetrators.

Every American reserves the right to wave a flag in support of their government's actions. By the same token, every American, in a supposed democracy, has a DUTY to know as much of the whole story as possible. When flag-waving demonstrates "support" for government crimes, such as the preemptive, unprovoked attack on Iraq, then the flag-waving itself, whether through ignorance, naivete, jingoism, etc. is in my book part of the crime. This is what the informed part of the public must try to impress on the blind followers of government criminal policies.

When a citizen does something to stop crime he is usually at least considered a good citizen, many times a hero. Why the uninformed public cannot and will not apply this to people who try to thwart governmental crimes is beyond me. Most people, if not all, have a "watchdog" system to protect their living spaces. This may be a dog, a security system, a neighborhood watch team, anything that gives them a secure feeling. Americans are going to have to stop and realize that a "watchdog" against government crimes in a democracy is just as necessary as a watchdog for their own homes and neighborhoods!

It is time to make the blind followers of government policy aware that they are indeed the real barrier to a truly democratic government. It is their DUTY to demand the whole story, not blindly support policies while a well-meaning portion of the population gets hung out to dry upholding their democratic responsibilities!

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