Friday, December 31, 2004


Rights To Self-defense

President Bush asserted Monday Israel's right to protect their "homeland". Apparently this right does not apply to nations in the world who do not bow down to Israel and/or the United States. Remember, Iraq was attacked while in the process of disarming under UN supervision, so how can these noncomplying nations assume that compliance will assure them of NOT being attacked? Certainly, if I was uncertain disarmament would assure that my nation would NOT be attacked, I would play the percentages and stay armed. Anyone who is not a fool would do likewise. This is the message that the unilateral and uncalled-for attack on Iraq has sent to nations on the United States/Israel hit list.

It is one thing to comply with the United Nations and be treated accordingly. It is quite another to comply and be stabbed in the back in doing so. The United States follows the dictates of the UN only when they serve its purposes. When this happens it appears that the US is abiding by the UN Charter, but recent history has shown that the US has no qualms about double-crossing even the UN. The UN has been unable to prevent US/Israeli unilateral aggression around the world, so why should these noncomplying "threatening" nations give any credence even to the UN? By not complying with UN Resolutions, Iran is actually not complying with US demands. After the double cross of Iraq and Saddam Hussein in both 1991 and 2003 and the consequent murder of hundreds of thousands of people, can any reasonable person actually blame them?

The main issue here once again is the effectiveness and power of the United Nations and its ability to exercise control over international crises. UN inspectors can verify whatever claims that Iran or any nation makes if they would just be given the chance to do their jobs. The United States does not want this to happen because the BushMob and its neo-con cheerleaders cannot accept any truth that Iran and other nations are building peaceful nuclear programs. This information would undermine their justification for attacking these nations. As in the case of Iraq, as each justification falls by the wayside new ones arise to replace them. When there are no justifications left the United States just attacks anyway. Our present leaders don't seem to care about having a moral basis for their actions . . . especially when they know they can get away with it.

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