Friday, December 31, 2004


Two Party System?

In my way of viewing the situation here in the United States nowadays, there is in reality a ONE-PARTY system that controls the government. This is the party of the rich and powerful. The Republican and Democratic Parties have become a hindrance to progress for the average American, and a threat to the rest of the world. The constant battle for power between the two major parties is always fueled by money from the powerful interests that steer our government, no matter who wins on Election Day. The divisiveness that ensues only serves to bury the truth as each party becomes apologist for their own candidates' actions. It is Divide and Conquer of the American people through party politics! The front-running and victorious candidates are nothing more than a placation to a MAJORITY of Americans who believe that democracy has been saved and is alive and well.

Certainly any candidate who gets himself in a position to pose a threat to this ruling power base and its agenda will himself be in a threatened position. Even a Representative like Cynthia McKinney, for just asking pertinent questions about 911 as they related to the administration, was dumped from her seat by a strong AIPAC-supported campaign to unseat her. Senator Paul Wellstone was a strong threat to the powers-that-be and would have undoubtedly stirred up the masses ala Senator Robert Kennedy(1968 Democratic primary races), but Wellstone's plane crashed under suspicious circumstances. Of course, Senator Kennedy was murdered in Los Angeles(6-5-1968) right after giving his California primary victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel.

President John Kennedy himself would have certainly won reelection in 1964, and his agenda of withdrawal from Viet Nam threatened the bonanza of profits that the military/industrial complex envisaged there. JFK, of course, was blasted away in public(11-22-1963), his brain splattered in front of hundreds of witnesses, more-than-likely as a reminder to anyone who would dare stand up against the powers-that-really-be like JFK did. Martin Luther King, Jr., like RFK and JFK, also commanded a great following and wanted to reduce American presence in Viet Nam. A bullet stopped him also. All three murders were covered up by the government with patsies being blamed for the crimes. The lies of the government are all-too-obvious for anyone who takes the time to study these cases.

Governor George Wallace of Alabama had a large following in the 1972 election, threatening to split the conservative vote and leave Democrat George McGovern as the front-runner, instead of President Richard Nixon. He was gunned down after making a speech in a Milwaukee shopping center by a man named Arthur Bremer, whose diary looked eerily similar to both Sirhan Sirhan's(RFK "assassin") and Lee Harvey Oswald's(JFK "assassin"). Nixon covert aid and Watergate defendant Howard Hunt says he visited Bremer's apartment after the assassination. It was Hunt who admitted falsifying government memorandums about Viet Nam that made President Kennedy appear to be behind the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem just three weeks before Kennedy's own murder.

Senator Edward Kennedy was a strong Democratic hopeful for 1972, but this all ended when he supposedly drove off a bridge at Chappaquiddick with Mary Jo Kopechne as a passenger on a dark August night in 1969. Kopechne drowned and Kennedy lived to tell a story that seemed unbelievable and contrived to many Americans, effectively ruining the Senator's credibility. No autopsy was performed on Kopechne to determine her physical state BEFORE she actually drowned. Once again Americans accepted without question the official version, not even beginning to consider possible motives for getting rid of another Kennedy.

JFK, Jr. was reportedly going to announce his candidacy for the US Senate. He had, like his father, tremendous drawing potential and was undoubtedly seen as a potential threat to the powers-that-be. His plane went down off Martha's Vineyard, not far from Chappaquidick, killing his wife and sister-in-law as well as himself. Despite the fact he radioed in to Martha's Vineyard control tower and was in control of his plane just seconds before it disappeared from radar, the media from the very start began broadcasting the Kennedy daring-do, bad fate and disorienting haze themes to explain away the tragedy. Witnesses who saw a light and explosion in the area of the crash were never even interviewed by the media.

Dirty tricks and assassinations are part of the political landscape in this nation. Why did Al Gore choose NOT to run in 2004? Was he threatened by this powerful covert group, intent on keeping the Democratic front-runner, the actual winner of the 2000 election, at bay? Ted Kennedy has never pursued the killers of his brothers, and for obvious reasons. Many Americans think that the Kennedy fortune allows and gives them the power to do this, but the Kennedy power is nothing when compared to his brothers' killers. Any government investigation, such as in the 911 attacks, are hopelessly compromised from the beginning. Yes, folks, whether you want to admit it or not, our elected representatives ARE compromised. To use the saying of legendary House Speaker Sam Rayburn- "To get along you have to go along."

Yes, we will have another election in 2004 and one thing will be sure: the winner of the race will be one who has passed through the stringent filters of the ruling elite, ensuring for it a White House puppet and a continuance of their agenda of wars-for-profit. If and when the covert, immoral and illegal machinations of this power elite are finally exposed to deal with in a democratic forum, it won't be the result of leaders like Kennedy or Wellstone sticking their necks out, but the participation of a majority of informed and well-meaning Americans finally bringing pressure on their elected representatives and reclaiming their prize of liberty and justice!

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