Friday, December 31, 2004


Us "Civilized" Americans

From the New York Times, concerning the bombing at UN headquarter building in Baghdad:

President Bush, speaking in Crawford, Tex., condemned the bombing as the work of "enemies of the civilized world." He said: "The terrorists who struck today have again shown their contempt for the innocent. They showed their fear of progress and their hatred of peace."

Contempt for the innocent? Fear of progress? Hatred of peace? Enemies of the civilized world? Terrorists? Give me a break!

Bombing two nations(Afghanistan and Iraq) on false pretenses and killing thousands of innocent people is NOT showing contempt for the innocent? Attacking two nations without any proper legal proceeding or investigation is NOT the action of a civilized nation? Fomenting fear, hate and divisiveness through lies and distortions to further the agenda of war is NOT the love of peace? Bombing innocent and already downtrodden peoples is NOT the work of progress? Bombing defenseless, innocent people IS the ultimate act of terrorism.

Obviously, Bush and Co., and most recent high American officials, seem to think they are above the laws that they constantly keep referring to in condemning others. The hypocrisy of this nation and its leaders has always sickened me, but it is reaching a point now where I actually wonder whether Americans actually deserve a democracy. People who choose to keep their heads buried in the sand without any consideration of the morality of their leaders' actions simply do not deserve a fair government in my book!

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