Friday, December 31, 2004


Viet Nam "War"

People seem to forget that the Viet Nam "war" was just as phony and farcical as Gulf Wars I and II. After the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and the Geneva Peace Treaty divided Viet Nam into two provinces, North and South, CIA operatives began a campaign of terror and propaganda which resulted in a mass migration from the North to the South of 1.1 million VietNamese. The CIA actually transported most of these migrants.

What caused this migration was a terror psy-war campaign which led VietNamese people to believe they would be executed by the Northern "communist" government if they stayed in the North. Most of these migrants were Catholic Vietnamese(hence, maybe sentimental ties to the deposed French, a mainly Catholic nation). These migrants settled in the already crowded South Viet Nam, a "nation" that wasn't really a nation as yet in the sense that it had no military or real representative government or policing force. It was a mere creation of the Geneva Accords with a puppet government installed by the United States, giving the CIA a foot in the door, so to speak, to determine events in Viet Nam.

As this puppet government began confiscating land from the peasants and giving it to the Northern migrants, mainly the middle to upper middle class Catholics, thievery became rampant as the deposed peasants had to steal to survive. The French constabulary police force was also disbanded, further adding to the turmoil. Additionally, the Chinese merchants who had for centuries been the conduit of the Southern Viet Nam economy, trading with the peasants, were banned from the South, being branded as "communist". All of this sudden rupture of traditional Southern Viet Nam customs created a volatile environment where starving peasants, their land taken from them and/or unable to trade with the Chinese merchants for goods merely to survive by, became a large band of thieves roving the countryside, trying to survive.

These ripped-off displaced Vietnamese became the "communist" insurgents, the Viet Cong, in the eyes of Americans, mainly because they were portrayed as that by the government/military/intelligence apparatus. This was a total distortion of the truth, a total lie. The military that was formed for South Viet Nam, recruiting individuals who needed the pay to survive, became a ruthless repressive force against their own people, thanks mainly to the training of CIA advisers. This was the start of the so-called Viet Nam "war", a conflict, as you can see, that was fomented and instigated by the CIA at the behest of the military/industrial complex.

50,000 Americans and about two million Viet Namese died in this phony war, a war stirred up to profit no one else but the military/industrial complex. Just do a little research on the corporations that provided materiel for the Viet Nam "war" and you can will see the immense profits that they reaped at the expense of a duped tax-paying American public. Americans lost in terms of blood, money and world prestige. Sound familiar? The same process of misinformation and conflict-instigation is now ongoing in Iraq. And like the displaced Vietnamese peasants of the early 60's, Iraqis who want nothing more than to make and determine their own lives are being branded as rebels, Hussein loyalists, anything to make them the enemy in the eyes of the misinformed American.

If and when Americans can learn about this hidden aspect of Viet Nam- how the Vietnamese were herded into warring camps, how the American public was duped and lied to by the government- then maybe we can began to understand the corporate monetary motivations that seem to constantly keep this misinformed and duped nation at war! We are literally a bunch of sheep being lead from one warring pasture to another!

awesome post! The 30th anniversary of the end of the War on Vietnam, as I call it, is coming up (April 30, 2005). The lessons are completely relevant for what's going on today. I highly recommend "Hearts and Minds" (out on DVD and also being re-released this year by Rialto pictures) by Peter Davis. Most of the footage was shot in Vietnam. This came out in 1973 and most people who've seen it are absolutely stunned.

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