Friday, December 31, 2004


World War Two Never Ended

Militarily at least, the Allies demolished Germany and Japan in WW2. However, did anyone take the time to consider this question: "Is there any law of nature that says fascism and nazism can only reside in Germany?" Even before the Germans surrendered, Americans were airlifting Nazi officers and intelligence agents to safety before the oncoming advance of the Russians. More Russians civilians and soldiers had been murdered by the German advance into Russia than any other ethnic group in the war, even more than the Jews. If the Russians had caught the Nazi officers and intelligence operatives they would have undoubtedly executed them.

These men were to be used in the already-planned "Cold War" with Russia after the "conclusion" of WW2. Even before WW2 was ended American officials were already planning the next great confrontation, this time with our wartime ally Russia. The military/industrial complex had its big party in Europe 1939 to 1945, and when it concluded it just shifted headquarters to the United States, acquiring much of the Nazi personnel war-making apparatus. This only served to make the military/industrial complex that much stronger. We obliterated German cities and killed countless innocent civilians, but the spirit of fascism silently floated out of this carnage and into a new locale, the United States.

Corporate powers will always seek out the governments with the biggest arsenals, hiring them to do their dirty work for them. Today the US military is nothing more than a mercenary force for hire. Corporate brokers like Bush and Cheney are nothing more than merchants of death. They are front men for the M/I complex, entrusted to get the human cannon fodder necessary to equip the corporate mercenary forces. To do this they must deceive and scare people into compliance to fight these corporate wars, wars that only benefit the rich, leaving the common man in a state of utter destruction and death.

World War 2 never really ended. In fact, war itself, since the very first conflict based on material greed, has never really ended. It just takes breaks now and then to refuel and refocus. Until the people of this planet actually take the time to examine how they are being used like this, war will always be a stark reality. People do not want to kill their fellow human beings. It is totally unnatural. They fight in wars only when they are goaded and fooled into believing that there is a cause there for them to die for. There IS a cause in war, but it only serves the purposes of the powerful war-makers that profit on the common man's blood and taxes!

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