Saturday, January 01, 2005


Aggression Equals Terrorism

Most Americans, even those who are repulsed by the brutal and aggressive tactics that our troops seem to have acquired, seem to be missing what I feel is an accurate point in the so-called War On Terror. This point is that the more aggression and unbridled murder that this administration can get away with, the better chances that "terrorism" will remain a tool of the victimized people. Therefore, the administration's militaristic and aggressive approach to the War On Terror is actually a guarantee that the war will go on indefinitely. I am quite certain that this is the goal.

This view is taking criticism of government/military tactics one step higher. Instead of placing blame on supposed MISTAKES that cost civilian lives, the criticism here is that the brutalization of Iraqis and Afghanis is a PURPOSEFUL tactic to ensure a continuation of "insurgency and terrorism" , and hence, the War On Terror. 911 itself was the instigating event to US military aggression in the Mideast- why should the perpetrators stop there with stirring up reasons to invade and conquer? As long as they can get away with it, why should they stop fomenting war, war that lines the pockets of powerful corporations that acquire lucrative war-related contracts at American taxpayer expense?

War is just like a farmer's crop- the seeds of disinformation are planted in people's minds and nurtured by continual propaganda, leading to a point where people are willing to fight the supposed enemy. The whole 911 scenario that the government continues to stand by, despite massive amounts of unanswered questions and information that points guilt in another direction, is a seed that has been implanted in gullible and misinformed American's minds. Anytime Bush wants war he just invokes 911, knowing that most Americans are totally ignorant that it is nothing more than a gigantic hoax, a fictitious seed that has grown into an established American myth.

If powerful people want war for their own profit, it behooves them to keep the masses fearful and at each other's throats. Cold-blooded slaughter of soldiers and civilians is a step in this direction. It is time for Bush's critics to take off the kid gloves and brand this administration for what it really is: a cold-blooded war machine that profits off the death and misery of millions! Anyone who still thinks that we are spreading democracy is terribly in the dark and sickeningly naive!


Postwar Intelligence Considerations

White House to Review Prewar Intelligence on Iraqi Arms

Isn't it a little late for this? This is about the same thing as California abiding by Charles Manson's opinion as to who did the Tate/La Bianca killings, letting him free if he thought someone besides his own followers were the culprits. Bush and Co. had more-than-enough time, as well as UN weapons inspections in place, to KNOW that Iraq posed no threat to the United States. This in-your-face administration keeps throwing the ball back into the CIA's side of the court. Isn't it about time intelligence officials throw the ball where it ultimately belongs, in Bush & Co.'s hands?

The damage has been done- to thousands of innocent Iraqis, to our own troops, to Iraqi infrastructure and culture, to our own economy and world prestige, etc. etc. etc.- It is NOT time to review what many informed Americans already knew before Bush needlessly attacked Iraq. It is the time to hold the people responsible for this massacre accountable for their actions!


Dis-information Divides Americans

Even immediately after 911, when the slogan "United We Stand" emerged as if on cue, I knew that this phrase was a distortion as far as the American people were concerned. I am sure the vast majority of Americans were galvanized by the shocking nature of the attacks, but there were and are many independent-thinking people who harbored questions the moment the World Trade Centers collapsed, not getting caught up in the government/media emotional stampeding.

Having done my own studies in recent American history, and not taking what the media force-feeds the public for granted, I was one who had suspicious initial impressions of the attacks the moment I heard about them. Knowing full well that our government has blatantly lied to the American public for the past 40-50 years, you might say I was prepared to NOT get caught up in the flag-waving retaliation mentality that the government fostered post-911. Anyone who has even a modest background on the following subjects would HAVE to entertain questions about the government version of 911:

1) Operation Northwoods
2) President Kennedy assassination
3) Martin Luther King assassination
4) Robert Kennedy assassination
5) CIA covert black ops
6) Reagan attempted assassination
7) TWA Flight 800 explosion
8) KAL 007 shootdown
9) Waco Branch Davidian massacre
10) Oklahoma City Bombing
11) Ruby Ridge standoff
12) 2000 election Florida non-recount

I could go on and on, but this list is enough, I believe, to establish a pattern of government lying. The ironic thing about this is that Americans have so many outlets available to access REAL information on these incidents, not having to rely on the mainstream media. Unfortunately, most Americans are either unaware of this vast cache of "alternative" news or just don't care enough to access it, feeling comfortable enough with what the government is telling them. For many Americans, also, it is a case of denial in not wanting to believe something that goes so counter to what they have been brainwashed to accept as "truth".

The most important feature of any democracy is the authenticity of the information that people can access. With reliable and accurate information at their disposal, people are better equipped to make decisions. The problem with the United States is that the information that is broadcast to the people by the mainstream media is nothing more than a one-sided story(if not a total lie) designed to make people feel and act a certain way(brainwashing). When the government is trying to sell something to the people, like war, the complaint media only presents the prosecution side of the story with any defense or opposing viewpoints completely censured. How would any sensible person feel being tried for a crime with no defense available to them?

Not only does media dis-information keep people in the dark, but also it divides Americans based on what people know and don't know. I am quite certain that if all Americans were aware of the inconsistencies and outright lies that dominate the list above, we would be a much stronger and healthier nation today. This is based upon the assumption that Americans are indeed good and compassionate people when they are not being goaded into hate and vengeance by the government.

Americans ARE divided, not united, when it comes to just about every issue that faces them nowadays, not because one side is right and another side is wrong, but because some of us are getting real accurate information on and others are caught up in the deceit of the government. The government wants us to believe that we are united, yet it certainly nows that a REALLY united populace, fostered by real and accurate information available to everyone, is the biggest threat to any deceitful government! "United We Stand" should not refer to just those who blindly embrace this government, but to every American who has to pay taxes to support it.


911 Foundation Facelift

Even though many Americans are beginning to finally see the connection between 911 and the implementation of the War On Terror in a more inquisitive mind set, they still fail to miss a most important point in considering the whole scenario. This point is how the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. Built in 1973, WTC 1 and WTC 2 were built to withstand airliner impacts into them as well as high-temperature fires. Add to this mystery the collapse of WTC7 later in the day of 9/11-2001 and you have three most unlikely architectural events that have never been investigated or explained by the government.

To parallel this with another event in our American history, this is just like the government sticking to the lone-gunman theory in President Kennedy's assassination, with Lee Harvey Oswald firing shots above and behind the presidential motorcade, even though many witnesses as well as the Zapruder film clearly show Kennedy being driven backward and to his left by a frontal head shot. We can even draw a parallel with the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996- the government sticks by its "center fuel tank explosion" version despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, including numerous witnesses that saw a streak of light intercept the airliner, causing its disintegration and explosion.

After the WTC collapses, many Americans with more inquisitive minds or just plain common sense as to how such large buildings would indeed fall began to question the "fire melted the steel frames of the building" claim by the government. Unfortunately, the metal from the buildings was never given an examination. It was shipped off overseas as scrap metal. Here we have probably the most important investigation in our nation's history and the centerpiece of forensic investigation is shipped off without examination! Even evidence in the TWA 800 investigation was seized by the FBI without any real accounting procedure in place.

This fact alone should alert Americans, or at least cause some suspicion, that a coverup of the real causes of the collapses was in place the minute the buildings tumbled down. This covering up of crime scene evidence also happened in the Oklahoma City bombing, where the demolished building was buried and then guarded by government agents. If the forensic evidence supports the government's assertions, then why is it being treated this way? My answer to this is that the evidence does NOT support the government's case.

If the WTC collapses were not caused by the fires, but by controlled demolition(which is very obvious to me), then it only means that 911 was an INSIDE JOB, assuming that Arab terrorists would not have access to the WTC's to emplace demolition charges. This point gains further momentum when considering the 1993 WTC bombing which aimed to bring the WTC's down. Security would have been greatly enhanced.

Any argument concerning 911 and the War On Terror has to start with this more realistic piece of information present in its foundation- fires did NOT bring down the buildings. They looked like controlled demolitions because that is exactly what they were! The government and its media mouthpieces have continually placed Arab terrorists in all the devious roles surrounding 911, but not once has it served up resounding evidence to prove its assertions. To really get to the bottom of the 911 argument, one has to go all the way back to square one, and that means considering Arab terrorists as innocent until proven guilty!


Distractive 911 Arguments

The contention that the Bush administration knew about and could have prevented the attacks on 9/11/2001 only seems to be overshadowing the argument that Bush and Co. were very much a part of the orchestration of 911. It has never even been proven by our highest law enforcement agency, the FBI, that there were even terrorists on board the hijacked planes.

As the media, politicians and the public remain mired in the "Bush knew" argument, the far more damaging aspects of 911(to this government) remain blocked from public consideration. It's time to go for the truth juggler of 911 and let the chips fall where they may. If the Bush administration is innocent of 911 complicity then let it release ALL the evidence relating to 911. If Arab terrorists hijacked the planes then release ALL of the information to prove it.

Any blockage of investigation and/or information can only lead me to conclude that conspirators are being protected. I wouldn't hold my breath, though, waiting for disclosure to occur. It has been 40 years since President Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, and the official version remains that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, despite just about all the evidence pointing elsewhere. The American public is so sadly misinformed about the world and US history that a critical mass demanding government disclosure seems to be in the ranks of the impossible!


USA a Democracy?

While "our" government attacks other nations preemptively to supposedly install democratic governments, the rest of the world is looking at the United States and probably wondering why it alone has the right to do so. A closer look at US domestic situation would certainly make one question if they really would want our present system to govern them.

1) We have an administration that survives by lying to the public.

2) We have an economy geared to the rich and powerful corporations that control our government covertly.

3) We automatically support a nation, Israel, that daily brutalizes a vastly outmatched civilian population in the name of counter-terrorism, whether there is terrorism against Israelis or not.

4) We have a government that quashes any overtures to peace, resorting to militarism instead of diplomacy.

5) We have an economy that takes from the poor and gives to the rich as millions of jobs go down the drain each and every day without any remedial actions by the government.

6) We have a government that provides cover and leverage to corporations as they go about robbing the American public blind.

7) We have a grossly and sadly misinformed populace, thanks mainly to a mainstream media that acts as a mouthpiece and cheerleader for an illegal government and its immoral actions and policies.

8) We have a government that abuses its own troops, failing to provide needed wartime equipment and failing to provide postwar benefits to veterans and their families. This government makes soldiers use radioactive ammunition, then turns its head when soldiers become sick from the radiation, claiming they are not covered by this "mystery" illness.

9) We have a government that foments strife in other nations as a catalyst to overthrow democratically-elected leaders who would provide for their own people and NOT provide special favor to American corporations.

10) We have a president who came into office by Supreme Court decision instead of a called-for recount of votes in Florida, where his brother presides as Governor.

I can go on and on, but I think this is enough to dissuade other nations from wanting to embrace our form of government. And Americans wonder why Iraqis and Afghanis fight a battle of resistance against this insanity? People on this planet who aren't under the umbrella of US propaganda certainly can see this administration and government for what it really is- an enslaver of the American people and an abuser of the rights of the common man.


Perpetuating Fear and Anger

It is easy for Bush to allow for atrocities against Iraqis because this only keeps the anger high and the potential for resistance at the same level. This is what the administration wants, a justification to continue the domination of affairs in Iraq. The American people would never stand for what is really happening in Iraq right now. This administration is not really concerned about Iraqis, but only the position they can maintain in reaping vast profits by destroying, dividing, terrorizing and killing a proud people.

Let the media for once be forthcoming with the truth. Let it show the carnage that is being imposed on innocent people who want nothing more than to be left alone so that they can restore their own nation to normalcy. What right does the United States have in deciding how other people in other nations live their lives and run their governing councils? The United States is headed for a nose dive to destruction with mounting domestic problems being ignored for ill-advised and ill-conceived foreign policies. How can we pass ourselves off as the spreaders of democracy when our own democratic institutions have been compromised almost beyond recognition and repair?

Our government has repeatedly lied to the people- about 911, about the threat of Iraq, about anything that would reveal the real monstrosity that currently governs us. We are no different than the Iraqi people in that our choices have been taken by this lying and repressive administration. The only difference right now is that protesting and dissenting Americans have yet to become targets of police forces shooting to kill, but I am sure we are headed in that direction.

This administration rides the credo that terrorism and violence against Americans must stop, that they are a threat to our way of life. In reality, though, it is the violence of this administration and its immoral policies that are the biggest threat to our liberties and those of every freedom-loving person on this planet!


The Fox Hunt

President Bush seems unable to hide his gloated contempt now that Saddam Hussein has been found. I say “found”, because according to even the Western media, Hussein seemed “resigned” to his fate. He wasn't really trying to fight the troops looking for him. I'm sure he had buttons left to push, even in his desperate state. I suppose he just got tired of the fight.

Getting back to the gloating president, I have to ask myself- "Was Hussein REALLY such a prized prey?" Consider the following:

1) he did not threaten the world around him

2) he had no weapons of mass destruction

3) he was grossly over-matched militarily

4) it DID take nine months for the occupiers to find Hussein, long enough for the subject of Hussein’s capture to vanish from the public’s mind (since there was no statute of limitations on catching Hussein I suppose the troops just took their time)

5) Bush’s troops had to kill and maim thousands of innocent Iraqis before finding Hussein

6) not once did Bush try to diplomatically reconcile with Hussein in a live public forum

7) not once did the American public here the IRAQIS side of the story in all this, NOT ONCE

8) Hussein’s sons were executed, a good way to break down a father’s will

9) “terrorist” acts were implicitly ascribed to Hussein, making any eventual “capture” of him carry maximum effect to the public

10) President Bush basically kicked Saddam while he was down in a big way, further suggesting to me that he doesn't really appreciate his catch as much as he would want you to believe.

All in all, I see the capture of Hussein as no different than a fox hunt- the aristocratic oil barons can sip their precious liqueurs tonight and toast the fox’s capture.


Saddam The Demon

By now, most if not all Americans perceive Saddam Hussein as a sort of evil, demonic leader who brutalized his people and threatened neighbors for years. This is the same sort of picture painted of Fidel Castro, which, of course, has been shown to be greatly exaggerated through time. I am one for giving the "devil" his due. Even those who were against a preemptive attack on Iraq conceded that Saddam "had to go". Is there really a sound and justifiable case that Saddam Hussein "had to go"? Just like the "Arabs did it" mythology that most Americans have accepted without question concerning 911, are we taking too much for granted Saddam's image as painted in the Western media? I think we have.

For one thing, how can a leader in Saddam's shoes, a leader of a nation with the 2nd biggest oil reserves in the world, a nation surrounded by past, present and future enemies craving that oil prize, allow for a lax and liberal internal security apparatus? Imagine if you will for one moment how our present leaders would handle such a situation. Anytime a nation feels threatened, whether internally or externally, stricter security measures are put in place. Remember WW2, after Pearl Harbor, when Japanese were rounded up and interred in concentration camps here in the States? On the surface of things, this would appear to be a gross violation of human rights(which it was). Obviously anything would seem to be justified to us Americans if it was an act to protect us all. In light of this, how can we attach so much guilt to the actions of Saddam Hussein?

In 1963, a young 23 year old Iraqi soldier named Saddam Hussein was point man for a CIA assassination squad aiming to kill the Iraqi president. His gun supposedly jammed and the plot was unsuccessful. Throughout the years Hussein did the bidding for the CIA, especially in the Iran/Iraq War, where US weapons sales to Iraq guaranteed a continual flow of Iranian casualties at the expense of Iraqis. Even after it was known that Hussein had used biological weapons against Iran(Iran also used them), the United States STILL provided these to Hussein. The point man for this deal of weaponry at this time was none other than Donald Rumsfeld. Hussein was being set up as far back as the 80's by the same people in Bush1 who would reclaim power in the Bush2 administration. These people ran all sorts of dirty little games during the Reagan administration at the direction of VP Bush(Iran/Contra, Mean, BCCI . . . look them up!).

As the Iran/Iraq conflict settled down, a new tactic to set Saddam up was used- encouraging Kuwait to cross-drill into Iraqi territory for oil. When Hussein brought this up to American Ambassador April Gillespie in 1980, Gillespie stated that this problem was not the United States' problem, virtually giving Hussein a green light to deal with it in his own way. After Iraq occupied Kuwait, Bush had his justification to attack, and the demonization of Saddam Hussein was put into full gear. Episodes such as the "baby incubator" story that portrayed Iraqi brutalities and stirred revulsion and anger among Americans, were later shown to be hoaxes.

Gulf War 1 sanctions imposed on Iraq, maintained principally by the US and Britain, served to lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, especially very young children who died for lack of basic medical supplies and infrastructure. Iraq was continually bombed by the United States and Britain for various reasons, killing many more civilians. How could Saddam Hussein NOT want to be cooperative with such a vicious and conniving force as the United States? Put yourself in his shoes for one moment! Put Americans in the place of Iraqis for the past 20 years and try to picture what kind of leader we would want to protect us. I guarantee you it would be someone like Hussein, who exercised a very tight grip on Iraqi security. Under these trying circumstances, it is also easier to understand the heavy-handed brutality that Iraqi security forces used against internal dissidents.

The higher the perceived threat to any nation, the greater the enforcement of internal security applied, period! We as Americans have to stop and ask ourselves- Which nation was threatening Iraq all these years? Did the "egg" of Hussein's ruthlessness come before the "chicken" of American aggression? One thing is certain regardless of anyone's take on Hussein- the United States attacked and killed hundred's of thousands of Iraqi people in both Gulf Wars and also between them, not to mention the Iran/Iraq War in which Hussein, with US sponsorship, used Iraqis as human battering rams against Iran. If you treat and threaten a nation bad enough, you can certainly count on its security apparati reflecting this in its treatment of its own people.

The United States is just as much to blame for Saddam Hussein's "atrocities" as anyone, if not more!


Atmosphere of Delusion

Americans do not realize that they are the most lied-to people on the face of the earth. The mainstream media has built a dome of ignorance and delusion over our heads with regard to what is actually happening in the world. It DOES take courage to stand up for the truth in this environment, much like early proponents of a round earth were subject to censure and even persecution many many years ago. Myths are hard to shatter since they are built to re-inforce people's images about themselves.

The myth that misleads Americans is that we the people control our government, and that that government is ALWAYS the good guy in any situation. This is what people want to believe, and telling something that shakes this belief stirs up feelings of anger. It is peculiar how Americans can be so touchy over nationalistic issues- any time someone questions or criticizes the government the word "un-American" appears like a knee jerk response. This is for lack of real information.

If someone notified a neighborhood or even a city that a crime was about to be committed, and by doing so averted it, he would be seen as a hero. If someone, however, states that a crime is being committed by our very own government, he is subject to all sorts of unsavory reactions from the people he is trying to educate. Americans must be made to see that the anti-war movement is not motivated by HATE of America but by genuine concern, much like the neighborhood watchdog group would keep an eye on possible crime in their neighborhood.

When Americans finally see the true concern and dedication of people opposed to this government, then they will start to listen. The problem is quite simple to me- we are constantly being lied to and brainwashed. As tax-paying citizens we are entitled to the truth. What else is there for us if this is truly a democracy? The government knows that the truth will unite Americans, REAL Americans, against its actions, because I know deep in my heart that we as a people, without government interference in our lives, are really a compassionate and revolutionary force for positive change in the world.


What War?

All of the present actions taken by the US military and covert ops groups are illegal and in the category of "war crimes". I say this for one reason- the American Congress never declared war on Iraq or Afghanistan. The War Powers Acts that enabled both the Viet Nam War and now conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken away the power to declare war from our elected representatives, where it belongs! If the American people are going to fund and die in these wars, they are the first ones who should have a voice in them. If they don't, they are nothing more than indentured servants of the power elite.

The whole basis on which to judge a government's right to infringe on citizen's rights because of a "war" should rest on the constitutionality of that war. ANY act that is subsequent to a War Powers Act should be considered illegal, especially those acts which use the "all's fair in war" mentality as their justification. The power to wage war resides with the Congress, according to the Constitution that our troops are supposedly defending. By taking away that power, the executive branch is repressing any debate and discussion that pertains to the necessity of war in the first place. The people's voice is being gagged in the most important of issues!

If and when enough people are educated about the false pretenses that have been used to justify wars these past 50 years, maybe there will be enough pressure brought to bear on our elected representatives to reclaim their duty of weighing the necessities of war over diplomacy. As it is now, Americans are just cannon fodder for the rich and powerful, who lie to the public about the threats America faces to justify their wars. I get the feeling that when a critical mass of public opinion is finally reached in this nation, there will be some sort of gigantic act of terror or military repression to put the people back in their places as pawns to the power elite.

My whole contention is this- if Congress does NOT declare war, then by our Constitution THERE IS NO WAR! If we fight in wars that are not approved by Congress, then we are actually fighting AGAINST what America is supposed to stand for- democracy and the right of people to self-determination.


Controlling Afghanistan

If the United States has "won" the war in Afghanistan, why does it have to selectively bomb houses to kill suspected "terrorists"? Has anyone ever heard of a police force, empowered to search for and capture people outside the law? Obviously this type of law enforcement demonstrates the desperate situation that our military and government find themselves in in propagating their War On Terror. The leaders of the War On Terror cannot even muster up enough reliable policing forces to make arrests of suspected "terrorists". When you have to drop a bomb in a civilian neighborhood, even if the bomb is a precision-guided one, it only shows that you are really powerless and have to resort to violence to accomplish your ends.

I realize that becoming a policeman for an occupying force carries tremendous personal risk, but killing innocent civilians in the process of trying to kill a suspected "terrorist" can only serve to further embitter the people being bombed towards the occupying nation. How many Americans can truly say that if a nation occupying us killed their family and friends in the process of eliminating a suspected "terrorist" they could forgive and forget? Whatever explanation and/or apology that comes from our military and government, the very process of endangering innocent civilians this way is unpardonable. ANYONE who operates outside the rule of law is an outlaw in my book, regardless of the reasons.


Hate Mongering Media

If Rwandan media executives are guilty of genocide, then what category of liability do we put our own media executives? Obviously the media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government, so by holding media executives guilty we are in a sense punishing the foot soldiers of the hate mongering campaigns. Those people in the government that use hate and scare tactics to expedite their political agendas are the ones who should feel the main brunt of genocide prosecutions.

Lt. William Calley was found guilty of mass murder in the Mai Lai massacre in Viet Nam, but shouldn't his superiors as well as the government which put troops in Viet Nam share this same guilt? Media hate-mongering is usually the result of some government agenda, and the people who carry out the actual hate crimes are in a sense victims themselves, caught up in a frenzy that someone else instigated. Prosecuting these people does not really get to the core causes of the hate.

Nazi soldiers in WW2 committed atrocities because, in their own words, they were "following orders". Failure to do so would have been catastrophic to many of them and maybe their loved ones. The proponents of the master race, the ones who preached the inferiority of people to be liquidated in a Final Solution, bare the main brunt of guilt here. Once the gates of genocide are opened up, killing becomes alot easier for the executioners, almost a sport to replace hate as the motivation for the killing.

USA troops killing Iraqis certainly had to go through some sort of prewar briefing to gear them for their mission. The justifications used to invade Iraq were far-reaching and false, but how many soldiers actually were aware of this as they sped across the vast Iraqi deserts on the way to their prey? As American soldiers were killed I am sure a tremendous amount of hate towards Iraqis was added on to this prewar indoctrination, causing many troops to overreact in their killing of innocent people or surrendering soldiers. Who should share the guilt here? The people in our government that put the troops there in the first place should share the most guilt, because without their program of deception and hate-mongering towards Iraq none of this would have ever happened.

If there are going to be prosecutions for genocide, the people to be prosecuted should be the originators of the hate campaigns, not just the ones caught up in it. You don't blame the fire for burning down a house, you blame the person who struck the match.


Sharon's "Peace"

Ariel Sharon is upset over the Geneva Peace Initiative because it will supposedly encourage terrorism. He says that only governments can draw up peace treaties. Once again, before the entire world, Sharon is demonstrating that he has an aversion to peace. His very political existence depends on the propagation of war and terrorism against innocent civilians in the Middle East. He has never once acted on his stated desire for peace. His latest outburst against the Geneva Peace Initiative clearly demonstrates once again that he has no intention of bowing to public pressure for a real peace process.

I was brought up with the old axiom that it takes two parties to have a fight. As long as Sharon embraces the politics of war, terror and repression to "solve" Israel's concerns there will always be at least one combatant to keep the fight going. If Israel were truly concerned about terrorist attacks on their people, they would give in to international pressure in dealing with the problem, not unilaterally, and with USA backing and support, continue to exacerbate an already explosive situation. Because Israel chooses the unilateral approach to its problems, aka the USA, it only demonstrates to me that Sharon is as far from seriousness about peace as he can possibly be!

We have all seen time and again Sharon's "peace", witness the many brutal massacres that he has presided over. Knowing Sharon's mind set in dealing with suicide bombings by Palestinians(military aggression to weed out the terrorists in which many innocent civilians always die), does anyone for one moment think that he could remain in a non-attack/non-retaliation mode if Israelis and Palestinians switched roles right now? He is not guided by any moral considerations, only the fact that he has the upper-hand militarily and unwavering support from the world's only superpower! Just mentioning Sharon in the same breath with any peace process serves to disgrace and insult all those who have struggled throughout the ages in sincere battles for peace.


Bush Urges Patience and Debate!

A quote from President Bush concerning the transition to Iraqi self-rule:

"To get where they need to be is going to require debate and discussion - and that's healthy," he told journalists on Air Force One. "We've got to be realistic and patient about how they proceed."

Realistic and patient he says? Where was the realism in attacking Iraq in the first place? There was no real justification to preemptively attack Iraq OR Afghanistan for that matter. As far as Bush saying that patience is needed in the transitional process of Iraqi rule, just where was the president's patience in NOT allowing the UN weapons inspectors to do their job before he decided to go ahead and attack Iraq?

President Bush is actually encouraging debate and discussion in this process, also? Just where was the "debate and discussion" among the American people about going to war in either Afghanistan or Iraq? It just wasn't there as the mainstream media only presented a grossly distorted and one-sided case for war for the government. Bush is worried about a "healthy" process in the Iraqi power transition and yet his own administration has become like a cancer on our own American system, bypassing Constitutional safeguards to our freedoms constantly!

It is pretty difficult to preach and direct other nations to do what you yourself do not really practice: debate, discussion, realism and patience!


Rounding Up The 911 Herd?

As depicted in cowboy/western movies throughout the years, range cattle were rounded up and herded into holding pens awaiting slaughter. The cowboys simply rode into the wild wide-open ranges and herded these animals to their destination. Let me make an analogy here with terrorism if I may.

Intelligence sources function to notify superiors of any possible terrorist activity. When such activity or plotting is found there are several options for the government:

1) arrest the conspirators before they can develop their plans
2) follow the conspirators to track down more conspirators and/or superiors
3) allow the conspiracy to take as much shape as possible and then stop it right before implementation
4) infiltrate the conspiracy and guide it to a point of "entrapment"- this cements the case against the conspirators even though the conspiracy itself was instigated further by government moles
5) infiltrate the conspiracy and guide it to its target, allowing it to happen

Option number 5 above is what I believe happened in the months preceding the 911 attacks. Intelligence assets AT LEAST tracked the 911 conspirators, if not DIRECTING them toward their ultimate targets. The government simply "herded" the terrorists toward the 911 attacks, thus getting justification for the ensuing War On Terror. This would explain the ability of known terrorists to board planes and a total stand-down of US air defenses during the alleged hijackings. Once the terrorists were on board and in flight, all the government had to do was assume remote control of the planes and crash them, killing all witnesses aboard.

The "hijacking" terrorists more-than-likely had different marching orders than crashing the planes, maybe just hijacking them to some other nation in exchange for something. Once in flight, they were double-crossed by the head orchestrators of the conspiracy. If their goal had been suicide flights into buildings, it would have been more difficult to hold the plot together. They had to believe they would survive the plot.

As long as their are angry people in the world, angry enough to take action in retaliation for something, there are going to be opportunities for intelligence assets to steer that anger towards some terrorist action that will further justify the War On Terror! The "terrorist" cattle are out there and the US/Israeli/what-have-you governments simply have to round them up and herd them towards a certain destination.


JFK Assassination Logic

Here are some points to think about for those among us who still cannot accept that President Kennedy was murdered through a coup d' etat and his assassination is "ancient history"-

1) The officially alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, never had a trial, being murdered two days after the assassination by Jack Ruby while in the custody of the Dallas Police Department. There was never any legal proceeding against Oswald, only a government "investigation" carried out by the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission's findings were presented as if they were part of a prosecutor's case in a trial against Oswald. The defense of Oswald was left to assassination researchers the past 40 years, refuting most if not all of the Warren Commission's conclusions.

2) The only trial ever brought against a possible conspirator was Jim Garrison's prosecution of Clay Shaw in New Orleans, which is the main subject of the movie "JFK". In this trial, the media coverage was heavily biased against Garrison and many witnesses who could have supported the prosecution's case were either dead or afraid to testify. Evidence that linked Shaw to Oswald was ruled unacceptable by the court.

3) In light of the above, how can we NOT assume that the covert forces that assassinated JFK are still in place and more powerful than ever? No one has ever been convicted for the JFK assassination. It would be naive to think that after removing JFK, the conspirators went into early retirement and let the United States go on its own course again. The whole purpose of the assassination was to change the course of this nation from peace-seeking and detente to one of military aggressor.

4) The actions of our government these past 40 years attest to this "aggressor" clique that grabbed power on November 22, 1963. War-making is a supremely lucrative business for the military/industrial complex and its many agents. The United States has waged war on other nations since the end of World War 2, yet since that time Congress has NOT ONCE declared war, a duty which is theirs exclusively by our Constitution.

The conspirators that killed JFK have overridden Congress to get their wars, invoking the War Powers Act to rev up the Viet Nam War, and more recently, the USA attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. By controlling the president, they control our foreign and domestic policies. The Kennedy assassination is still very relevant because the men who plotted his demise represented forces that currently still usurp the power that we Americans deserve by our Constitution!



Justice By Logic

Let's examine for a moment the three steps to any crime:

1) Planning
2) Execution
3) Cover-up

The first two steps are fairly easy for most people to grasp- the perpetrators plan their crime and then carry through on it. The third step, however, is probably the most important part of the crime. Obviously, one or more people committing a crime have to have safeguards to evade law enforcement. Without this safeguard, the crime will more-than-likely not be committed. Even so, most people don't seem to grasp that coverups of any crime can lead to the guilty parties just as much as evidence can.

Americans, for instance, are seemingly caught up in steps 1 and 2 when it comes to 911. Arab terrorists planned 911 and then carried it out in spectacular fashion, or so the government insists. With certain Arab guilt implanted in people's minds with respect to the first two stages of the 911 attacks, Americans seem to ignore the third and most important aspect of the crime: the cover-up. They don't seem to ask the question- "How can these same conspiring Arab terrorists pull the strings of the Bush administration, which has repeatedly hindered and blocked an objective investigation of 911?" This IS the cover-up of 911, orchestrated by our very own leaders.

With this simple model in mind, let's examine 911 with respect to the United States government, or more specifically, the Bush administration.

1) Planning- because of "plausible deniability" the real orchestrators of 911 will probably never be identified. However, double agents can infiltrate "enemy" groups and be vital in advancing a plot or even hatching one. Once this plot gets a life of its own it is just a matter of directing it toward its execution. The "moles" or double agents make sure that it stays on course. Since Al Qaeda and many other Islamic terrorist groups have been created and/or funded by the CIA in the past, it is not too farfetched to suggest that 911 was started AND orchestrated by US covert ops. As the saying goes- "Once CIA, always CIA." Anyone who thinks that the USA would reject any ties to Islamic intelligence/operative assets is being totally naive. If they can be used, why get rid of them, especially since this relationship is a covert one that can be easily hidden from the public? The power of the orchestrators in the government can pave a clean route for the conspirators, too. Witness the many FBI investigations of terrorists that were stymied by the government in the years before 911.

2) Execution- No one can be certain that Arab terrorists actually hijacked those airliners on 911. The FBI concluded the use of stolen identities and several of the alleged "terrorists" were found to be alive after 911. Actually, there is very little evidence, if any at all, that points to Arab terrorists with resounding guilt. The government has presented nothing more than a circumstantial case, and even the "circumstances" are full of questions and holes. What IS concrete beyond question, however, is the actions of our government on 911. No jets were scrambled to intercept the airliners, despite numerous terror warnings in the days and months preceding 911. This stand-down of our air defenses can only be attributed to the highest levels of our government. There were other suspicious activities on the part of the government, but I will use just this nonaction to include the Bush administration in this step of the crime.

3) Cover-up- Obviously, the Bush administration has been instrumental in keeping the real facts of 911 from reaching the light of day. No forensic investigation was allowed on the ruins of the World Trade Centers, much to the dismay of law enforcement officials. If the Bush administration has REAL evidence that substantiates their version of 911, then why don't they let the public see it? Until this administration satisfactorily answers questions surrounding 911, we can only conclude that there is a massive cover-up in progress. Certainly claims of "national security" cannot apply to every important question concerning the 911 attacks!

The actions of the Bush administration in taking part in steps 2 and 3 are beyond question in my opinion. My question is this- If someone is complicit in steps 2 and 3 of a crime, how can they NOT be also complicit in step #1? In fact, even if someone is complicit in only ONE of the three steps, he is still part of the crime! These irrefutable facts stand out for any American to see, but the attention given to steps 1 and 2 by the government has distracted from the third important phase, the cover-up. Americans have to start using their own heads and stop relying on the government for their opinions and beliefs!


DUH-nial and Death

What kind of country has the United States become where we are willing to sacrifice our young people without making an honest effort to verify the government's reasons for war? In fact, not only are Americans not willing to do this, but they have a knee jerk tendency to ALWAYS support any war that the United States engages in without any critical or analytical thought. This nation is suffering from a strong case of DUH-NIAL in that many people cannot even begin to consider their government lying to them, even though it has been happening basically since the beginning of the American Republic in 1776!

Anyone who will not or refuses to take the time to verify government claims is a traitor in my book. Blind allegiance and acceptance of government dictates runs totally counter to the supposed "American way". If the United States is truly a democracy that we hold up in front of an envious world then the people should be informed enough to help decide the policies that their tax dollars support. This is certainly not the case as people are becoming more insulated every day from the decision-making process that we call democracy. This cannot be totally blamed on Americans, who have been kept in the dark and brainwashed by the government/media for years to accept the improbable and deny the obvious!

If anyone out there has been called un-American by one of these blind "patriots" for questioning or trying to educate others on what the government is really doing, I can only tell you that you are far more patriotic and American for upholding your right as Americans to hold your government accountable. And for the people who have children who could possibly be involved in unjustified wars in the future, but do not take the time to educate themselves on American political/military realities, not only am I unwilling to call you a good American, I am not even going to consider you a good parent!


Profile In Cowardice

Is there anyone in the Rebublican Party, or the Democratic Party for that matter, who has the balls to take off the kid gloves and start telling it like it is to the American public? The endless BS that we all hear from these politicians only dulls Americans toward politics and current events. If someone would just tell the American public what most of us already know- that Bush has deceived the public since day one, that Bush and his cronies are ripping off the face of America for their greedy selves, that Bush is nothing more than a subservient wimp to Israel's demands, etc- it would certainly arouse more debate on the issue and open peoples eyes that are now shut.

It is time for someone to take on Bush and the whole corrupt system that he represents. Ted Kennedy could do it, but he has the luggage of Chappaquidick to deal with. Maybe Ted should just tell us what really happened that night . . . that the death of Mary Jo Kopechne was the result of a covert black op designed to knock him out of the race for the presidency. I guess the threats he got afterwards are still enough to subdue him.

Is there anyone who is not compromised who would like to make history, and maybe get the Wellstone reception treatment in the process? Probably not. Once again, it will have to be WE THE PEOPLE who put our lives on the line to make sure democracy doesn't get totally flushed down Bush's toilet. The demonstrations ala pre-war Iraq have all but disappeared, even though American troops are being murdered every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guess people are drugged by this corrupted capitalist entity we call the United States to not really care enough.


Republican Hypocrisy

How can Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist actually accuse the Democrats of trying “to politically wound the president of the United States"? After all of the administrations lies and noncompliance with democratic and constitutional safeguards, does he actually think that the Democrats have to TRY and tarnish President Bush's image? Does this Senator honestly feel that Bush has done nothing to bring down public criticism on himself? Does he not remember the constant barrage of innuendo and criticism that Bill Clinton had to endure from the Republicans? I smell some really stinky hypocrisy emanating from DC!!!

Frist added: “At this moment of peril in our nation's history, as our intelligence agencies and our armed forces in the Middle East are at war against our mortal enemies, those responsible for this memo appear to be more focused on winning the White House than they are on winning the war against terror,” thundered the Tennessee Republican. Talk about barking up the wrong tree!

The American people and Congress never declared war on Iraq, so how can they be considered our "mortal enemies"? The so-called "war on terror" got its kick start from the "terror" attacks of 9-11-2001 and the investigation into these events has been consistently stonewalled and hindered by the Bush administration. As far as the race for the White House goes, does Frist actually think that the "war on terror" does NOT give Bush political ammunition? He can't be serious, but if he actually is, it is a scary thought to say the least!

The hypocrisy of the Republicans, who remain steadfast behind a divisive and arrogant president, lies somewhere between the sickening and insane! I really don't care which party's candidate wins the presidency, as long as that president truly represents the American people, not his rich and powerful corporate friends. Senator Frist's remarks almost parallel a woman being criticized for bringing rape charges against her attacker, or the NAACP being criticized for smearing the reputation of the good ol' South.

If the American people do not get rid of this administration in 2004, they deserve everything that they are going to get from it and more! It is the most sickening display of hypocrisy and abuse of power that I have ever witnessed!


Sharon The Barbarian

Regardless of who is really behind the suicide terror attacks in Israel, or anywhere in the world for that matter, it is insane to respond to them without any attempt made to address the grievances that fuel terrorism. It is exactly the same thing as fighting a forest fire by dropping gasoline on it. If you destroy the whole forest then you won't have anything left that will burn. This seems to be the long-term policy of Ariel Sharon and his right wing confidantes.

Having the moral courage to establish a dialogue with the enemy does not even seem to part of the formula for Sharon, who just seems intent on unilaterally destroying any hopes for a Midest peace process. If the leaders of "opposing" nations cannot or will not sit down to resolve their differences in a diplomatic and non-violent manner, then those nations have no right whatsoever to resort to violence and blood-letting.

If Sharon was really honest about peace, he would sit down and make serious attempts at diplomacy to resolve Israeli/Palestianian differences. This would be his best "weapon" against Palestinian terrorism as it would put the world back in his corner. He knows this I am sure. But this would also facilitate and legitimize a Palestinian state, which he does not want. His expansionist lust far outweighs any pretense for peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians!


Our Pawn Troops

``The people who are firing off these surface-to-air missiles are the same people who are killing Iraqis ... and they're going to be beaten eventually,'' Rumsfeld told ABC's ``This Week.''

Let me see . . . the United States has been directly or indirectly killing Iraqis for 13 years now and all-of-a-sudden the Iraqi resistance is what is "killing Iraqis"? Give me a break!!! If the United States had not preemptively attacked Iraq in the first place these killings would not be taking place! Apparently Bush and his warmonger cronies feel that they can go about killing innocent people without any significant backlash.

Let me get this straight . . . It is ok and even patriotic for Americans to vent anger over the attack of three buildings and 3000 dead(911), but it is wrong and "terroristic" for Iraqis to recoil in anger and resistance to an occupying nation that has murdered over one million of their fellow countrymen in the past 13 years and destroyed a vast portion of the nation's infrastructure? This reminds me of the collective punishment mentality of the Nazis in WW2.

Where was the US concern for Iraqis when sanctions were killing hundreds of thousands of them over the past 12 years? Rumsfeld has to include the Iraqi causalities in the resistance attacks to try and isolate them from the "pacified" masses. I can't help wondering how many Iraqis actually feel a joy inside with each new American casualty. American soldiers are nothing more than pawns in Bush's political games, caught between a misguided and fanatical administration and a population screaming for vengeance!

Americans who wave a flag in support of our troops are unknowingly endangering them, because the government can treat the troops as an expendable commodity and get away with it, thanks to the sickening ignorance of the American people. The United States started this war and anything that entails from now on can only be laid at its doorstep, no excuses!


Anti-terror Racket

The War On Terror is nothing more than a protection racket scam on a massive scale. Organized crime uses this scam effectively in collecting "protection fees" from people. Gangsters demand a fee from businesses in return for protection. If these businesses do not fork over the money they are attacked(arson, vandalism, beatings, etc.) The protection fee is actually an insurance policy for not being attacked by the people collecting the fee. It is the oldest trick in the book of organized crime: extortion.

Similarly, Americans are asked to fork over big dollars to be protected from terrorist attacks. If it gets to a point where there is a mass movement against such government policy, there will probably be another 911-like attack to remind people of the threats of "terrorism". Also, nations that do not go along with the War On Terror agenda will experience terrorist attacks on their own soil to expedite their cooperation. Organized crime also uses the tactic of terrorizing business owners and then stepping in as protectors after the fact. Sound familiar? 911 was nothing more than such an attack. The perpetrators terrorized the population into accepting what is in effect a massive anti-terrorism racket!

Friday, December 31, 2004


Fiscal Racism

If there is one thing Americans should know about Iraq it is this- the cost projections by American corporations are TEN times higher than those of the Iraqi governing council. In other words, the Iraqis are telling the Americans that they can do the job of rebuilding Iraq THEMSELVES for a tenth of the cost that the Americans can! If the invasion of Iraq was all about freedom and democracy, then where is the freedom and democracy being applied here?

Saddam Hussein invited President Bush to a debate when the Iraq invasion issue was just seen as threatening rhetoric. Bush, of course, turned him down, the media making it look like a sick joke on Hussein's part. I wonder how many Americans would have loved to have seen that debate! It would have been the highest rated television event in history. Since Bush and his people knew the president was dead meat in any debate with Hussein, it wasn't even considered. Any consideration would have given credence to Hussein anyway.

What the American people need right now is a debate about our tax dollars going to the right people in the construction of Iraq. If we truly liberated the Iraqi people, then why can't we let them return the favor and rebuild their own nation. That is what they want more than anything- a US commitment to the independence of the Iraqi people. By dominating Iraqi reconstruction efforts, we are placing a bigger and heavier blanket over this downtrodden nation than Saddam Hussein ever could have!

If Americans truly knew the extent of the government's thievery, our leaders would be hanging from light posts tomorrow morning.


Changing Roles

If the United States was . . .

1) attacked by a foreign power(we will call AGGRESSIUM) on false premises
2) our sisters and brothers slaughtered and humiliated before our very eyes
3) our public institutions(libraries, schools, government offices, stadiums, museums, etc.) destroyed and/or looted by riotous crowds
4) our military summarily fired and replaced by appointed henchmen of the attacking nation
5) our infrastructure crippled, leaving us without power and clean water
6) our natural resources put on the auction block
7) our farmlands destroyed by the occupiers through collective punishment(a war crime)
8) The attack by AGGRESSIUM takes place after 12 years of stifling sanctions that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent American civilians.
9) These sanctions deny Americans the most basic medical care, killing hundreds of thousands of children in the process.
10) The United States is periodically bombed for flying in their own airspace, a "no-fly zone" enforced by AGGRESSIUM to supposedly protect Americans from their own leaders.
11) Right before being attacked, the United States was disarming under UN supervision, but AGGRESSIUM took unilateral action, ignoring the UN process.
12) AGGRESSIUM destroyed much of the American infrastructure in an attack 12 years previous, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans in the process. This attack was precipitated when the United States sent troops into Mexico to stop Mexican cross-drilling for oil into American territory, stealing our oil. AGGRESSIUM got an international coalition rounded up to repel American troops from Mexico.

. . . Would they hand out roses to the conquerors? Would they cooperate with the installed provisional government?

Sound familiar? It should, because this is exactly what Iraqis have had to endure since 1991. Americans can sure dish it out, but as far as taking it . . . how would Americans respond? They certainly don't know the half of it when it comes to foreign aggression! What the United States has done to other nations around the world the past 100 years(most of it covert and hidden from mass public viewing) makes 911 look like a kid shoplifting a pencil! Americans need to start realizing that international respect is something that is earned, not bestowed upon nations with the biggest arsenals. I just can't see how Americans would ever come to have a real respect for AGGRESSIUM.


World War Two Never Ended

Militarily at least, the Allies demolished Germany and Japan in WW2. However, did anyone take the time to consider this question: "Is there any law of nature that says fascism and nazism can only reside in Germany?" Even before the Germans surrendered, Americans were airlifting Nazi officers and intelligence agents to safety before the oncoming advance of the Russians. More Russians civilians and soldiers had been murdered by the German advance into Russia than any other ethnic group in the war, even more than the Jews. If the Russians had caught the Nazi officers and intelligence operatives they would have undoubtedly executed them.

These men were to be used in the already-planned "Cold War" with Russia after the "conclusion" of WW2. Even before WW2 was ended American officials were already planning the next great confrontation, this time with our wartime ally Russia. The military/industrial complex had its big party in Europe 1939 to 1945, and when it concluded it just shifted headquarters to the United States, acquiring much of the Nazi personnel war-making apparatus. This only served to make the military/industrial complex that much stronger. We obliterated German cities and killed countless innocent civilians, but the spirit of fascism silently floated out of this carnage and into a new locale, the United States.

Corporate powers will always seek out the governments with the biggest arsenals, hiring them to do their dirty work for them. Today the US military is nothing more than a mercenary force for hire. Corporate brokers like Bush and Cheney are nothing more than merchants of death. They are front men for the M/I complex, entrusted to get the human cannon fodder necessary to equip the corporate mercenary forces. To do this they must deceive and scare people into compliance to fight these corporate wars, wars that only benefit the rich, leaving the common man in a state of utter destruction and death.

World War 2 never really ended. In fact, war itself, since the very first conflict based on material greed, has never really ended. It just takes breaks now and then to refuel and refocus. Until the people of this planet actually take the time to examine how they are being used like this, war will always be a stark reality. People do not want to kill their fellow human beings. It is totally unnatural. They fight in wars only when they are goaded and fooled into believing that there is a cause there for them to die for. There IS a cause in war, but it only serves the purposes of the powerful war-makers that profit on the common man's blood and taxes!


Misdirected Fight

Israel's handling of Palestinian suicide bomber attacks is grossly misdirected. Since Palestinians have no military to battle IDF forces, Palestinian civilians are feeling the brunt of reprisal actions by the IDF. If Israel and Palestine were serious and honest about ending their conflict, they would set up a coordinated effort of police and intelligence agencies, BOTH Israeli and Palestinian, to deal with violent militants.

It is inviting and easy for the Israeli military to attack when it knows their state of the art modern weaponry will only have to encounter small arms and stick and stones. If Palestinians had a more formidable defense that at least kept the IDF more honest and made Israeli leaders exercise more judgment before attacking, I am sure a two-state treaty would be a lot closer to reality. As it is, a people with no defense whatsoever are subject to attacks by a force that is relatively safe in doing so, certainly an inviting scenario for a trigger-happy leader like Ariel Sharon.

This is why a special cooperative effort on the part of Israelis and Palestinians should be launched to root out and deal with violent militants. Even the United Nations and law enforcement agencies of other nations can contribute to this effort. Only then would both nations be on a level playing field. This should apply to every nation on this planet that would become the victim in a grossly mismatched war, like the USA attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

If leaders like Bush and Sharon will not operate by the letter of international laws in dealing with terrorism, then they are a bigger part of the problem than the terrorism itself. International cooperation is essential in dealing with ANY problem that effects nations on this planet. Unilaterlism only stokes the flames of terrorism. Law enforcement by the written letter of law should begin to take precedence over military reprisal and terror in the "War on Terror". It is the only real civilized way to deal with terrorism.


Rights To Self-defense

President Bush asserted Monday Israel's right to protect their "homeland". Apparently this right does not apply to nations in the world who do not bow down to Israel and/or the United States. Remember, Iraq was attacked while in the process of disarming under UN supervision, so how can these noncomplying nations assume that compliance will assure them of NOT being attacked? Certainly, if I was uncertain disarmament would assure that my nation would NOT be attacked, I would play the percentages and stay armed. Anyone who is not a fool would do likewise. This is the message that the unilateral and uncalled-for attack on Iraq has sent to nations on the United States/Israel hit list.

It is one thing to comply with the United Nations and be treated accordingly. It is quite another to comply and be stabbed in the back in doing so. The United States follows the dictates of the UN only when they serve its purposes. When this happens it appears that the US is abiding by the UN Charter, but recent history has shown that the US has no qualms about double-crossing even the UN. The UN has been unable to prevent US/Israeli unilateral aggression around the world, so why should these noncomplying "threatening" nations give any credence even to the UN? By not complying with UN Resolutions, Iran is actually not complying with US demands. After the double cross of Iraq and Saddam Hussein in both 1991 and 2003 and the consequent murder of hundreds of thousands of people, can any reasonable person actually blame them?

The main issue here once again is the effectiveness and power of the United Nations and its ability to exercise control over international crises. UN inspectors can verify whatever claims that Iran or any nation makes if they would just be given the chance to do their jobs. The United States does not want this to happen because the BushMob and its neo-con cheerleaders cannot accept any truth that Iran and other nations are building peaceful nuclear programs. This information would undermine their justification for attacking these nations. As in the case of Iraq, as each justification falls by the wayside new ones arise to replace them. When there are no justifications left the United States just attacks anyway. Our present leaders don't seem to care about having a moral basis for their actions . . . especially when they know they can get away with it.


Two Party System?

In my way of viewing the situation here in the United States nowadays, there is in reality a ONE-PARTY system that controls the government. This is the party of the rich and powerful. The Republican and Democratic Parties have become a hindrance to progress for the average American, and a threat to the rest of the world. The constant battle for power between the two major parties is always fueled by money from the powerful interests that steer our government, no matter who wins on Election Day. The divisiveness that ensues only serves to bury the truth as each party becomes apologist for their own candidates' actions. It is Divide and Conquer of the American people through party politics! The front-running and victorious candidates are nothing more than a placation to a MAJORITY of Americans who believe that democracy has been saved and is alive and well.

Certainly any candidate who gets himself in a position to pose a threat to this ruling power base and its agenda will himself be in a threatened position. Even a Representative like Cynthia McKinney, for just asking pertinent questions about 911 as they related to the administration, was dumped from her seat by a strong AIPAC-supported campaign to unseat her. Senator Paul Wellstone was a strong threat to the powers-that-be and would have undoubtedly stirred up the masses ala Senator Robert Kennedy(1968 Democratic primary races), but Wellstone's plane crashed under suspicious circumstances. Of course, Senator Kennedy was murdered in Los Angeles(6-5-1968) right after giving his California primary victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel.

President John Kennedy himself would have certainly won reelection in 1964, and his agenda of withdrawal from Viet Nam threatened the bonanza of profits that the military/industrial complex envisaged there. JFK, of course, was blasted away in public(11-22-1963), his brain splattered in front of hundreds of witnesses, more-than-likely as a reminder to anyone who would dare stand up against the powers-that-really-be like JFK did. Martin Luther King, Jr., like RFK and JFK, also commanded a great following and wanted to reduce American presence in Viet Nam. A bullet stopped him also. All three murders were covered up by the government with patsies being blamed for the crimes. The lies of the government are all-too-obvious for anyone who takes the time to study these cases.

Governor George Wallace of Alabama had a large following in the 1972 election, threatening to split the conservative vote and leave Democrat George McGovern as the front-runner, instead of President Richard Nixon. He was gunned down after making a speech in a Milwaukee shopping center by a man named Arthur Bremer, whose diary looked eerily similar to both Sirhan Sirhan's(RFK "assassin") and Lee Harvey Oswald's(JFK "assassin"). Nixon covert aid and Watergate defendant Howard Hunt says he visited Bremer's apartment after the assassination. It was Hunt who admitted falsifying government memorandums about Viet Nam that made President Kennedy appear to be behind the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem just three weeks before Kennedy's own murder.

Senator Edward Kennedy was a strong Democratic hopeful for 1972, but this all ended when he supposedly drove off a bridge at Chappaquiddick with Mary Jo Kopechne as a passenger on a dark August night in 1969. Kopechne drowned and Kennedy lived to tell a story that seemed unbelievable and contrived to many Americans, effectively ruining the Senator's credibility. No autopsy was performed on Kopechne to determine her physical state BEFORE she actually drowned. Once again Americans accepted without question the official version, not even beginning to consider possible motives for getting rid of another Kennedy.

JFK, Jr. was reportedly going to announce his candidacy for the US Senate. He had, like his father, tremendous drawing potential and was undoubtedly seen as a potential threat to the powers-that-be. His plane went down off Martha's Vineyard, not far from Chappaquidick, killing his wife and sister-in-law as well as himself. Despite the fact he radioed in to Martha's Vineyard control tower and was in control of his plane just seconds before it disappeared from radar, the media from the very start began broadcasting the Kennedy daring-do, bad fate and disorienting haze themes to explain away the tragedy. Witnesses who saw a light and explosion in the area of the crash were never even interviewed by the media.

Dirty tricks and assassinations are part of the political landscape in this nation. Why did Al Gore choose NOT to run in 2004? Was he threatened by this powerful covert group, intent on keeping the Democratic front-runner, the actual winner of the 2000 election, at bay? Ted Kennedy has never pursued the killers of his brothers, and for obvious reasons. Many Americans think that the Kennedy fortune allows and gives them the power to do this, but the Kennedy power is nothing when compared to his brothers' killers. Any government investigation, such as in the 911 attacks, are hopelessly compromised from the beginning. Yes, folks, whether you want to admit it or not, our elected representatives ARE compromised. To use the saying of legendary House Speaker Sam Rayburn- "To get along you have to go along."

Yes, we will have another election in 2004 and one thing will be sure: the winner of the race will be one who has passed through the stringent filters of the ruling elite, ensuring for it a White House puppet and a continuance of their agenda of wars-for-profit. If and when the covert, immoral and illegal machinations of this power elite are finally exposed to deal with in a democratic forum, it won't be the result of leaders like Kennedy or Wellstone sticking their necks out, but the participation of a majority of informed and well-meaning Americans finally bringing pressure on their elected representatives and reclaiming their prize of liberty and justice!


Liberty vs. Security

It is the United States' liberty to meddle in and subvert other nations affairs that increases the insecurity of all of us on this planet. World leaders historically have always seemed to distrust the theory that the better you treat people with regard to freedoms, the less chance you will have any security problems. A government that is run by the letter of a sound and just legal system should have not have to violate the freedoms of law-abiding individuals.

If we truly aspire to democratic ideals on this planet(United States practices over the past century indicate otherwise) then it is the leaders of nations that should be under a microscope when it comes to drawing the line on liberties. Abuse of power only stirs up popular resentment, something which has always been considered a security problem by those in power. Instead of a limit on people's freedom, there has to be a limit, a strict one at that, on the liberties that our leaders can take in postponing our own liberties. People that are treated fairly are less likely to be a "security" problem for those in power.

If the United States would quit repressing democracy here and abroad for corporate advantage, there would certainly be less chance of a backlash by those victimized by this greed. Our national leaders have to take a good hard look at themselves instead of the people they so regularly take advantage of. It is the Golden Rule of security in my way of thinking: treat others with respect if you want them to respect you. Victimizing people only increases the chances of violent backlash, especially when their grievances are repressed as much as their freedoms!

Just the mind set that liberty and freedom are zero-sum entities only seems to play into the hands of power and against the people. I truly believe that the more freedom is respected and acknowledged by our leaders, the less chance will there be for national security problems. Conversely, the more that freedom is curtailed and threatened, the more chance that national security WILL be a problem. After all, people DO naturally want freedom, right?


Change Since 911?

It never fails to amaze me how Americans can have a total lack of memory and perspective. They seem to forget from one day to the next, especially when it comes to government abuse and coverups. This makes it so easy for the government to get away with crimes. Imagine a repeat sex offender standing trial and not one mention made of his past history during the trial!

There is a common thread running through recent American history that US citizens should clearly see by now. Anyone who cannot or will not see it is woefully in the dark. These people cannot call themselves good informed citizens even though they will be the main flag-wavers when the government blows the wave-a-flag-be-a-good-patriot whistle. The common thread I'm referring to is government coverups. If people were more aware of this thread it would be much more difficult for the government to sweep the truth under the rug and get away with abuses. As it is, each new major abuse, such as 911 or Waco, is treated on its own merits and not seen through the light of this thread. Obviously if a government can get away with covering up its own abuses it will go on committing them.

A sound democracy must continually be on trial. It must be accountable to its constituents or by theory it is NOT a democracy. The "Trust Our President" mentality is for blind sheep who aren't even aware they are being led to slaughter. Blind trust only invites the abuse of that trust. There is really no excuse at this point for most Americans not to see that their trust has been abused over and over again. Many Americans live in denial that their government can do anything wrong, but history has shown many times over that a population that blindly follows its government only heads down the road to ruin. If you blindly follow and believe, then you are no better than the Nazi hordes that came close to destroying the world. If you do not demand the truth from your government, then you are leaving America open to abuse! This government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, not for powerful interests that steer it to their advantage.

Nothing has really changed since 911- the government still violates civil rights, still attacks other nations on trumped-up criteria, still meddles in other nation's affairs, still allows Israel to rampage through its neighbor's territories without sanction, still supports national leaders that act as their puppets while repressing their own people, still turns its head to corporate white collar crime and still covers up its own abuses to the American people. Only the intensity of all these things has changed, not the substance.


Racist Standards

Let me get this straight . . . we expect Syria to sit still and be a "good boy" while we attack its neighbor and fellow Moslem nations, Iraq and Afghanistan, on false pretenses, and provide massive support to Israeli repression of Palestinians . . . yet, when Iraq occupies Kuwait in 1991 because the latter nation is cross-drilling into Iraq and stealing its oil, Bush, Sr. puts together a world coalition that proceeds to orchestrate an orgy of death and destruction against the Iraqi people? Are these double standards existing only because many Americans do not even consider Moslem nations on an equal footing in the family of human beings? Do the rules of self-protection and sanction only apply to America and her "friends"? This is racism pure and simple!

Another thing I want to get straight . . . we attack Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses, then expect other nations on our supposed hit list to not proliferate weapons programs for self-protection? What gives here? We are treating these nations like they are not even entitled to one of the basic rights of human beings- self-protection! We attack a nation because we "think" it will attack us, prodded by government lies, yet we expect other nations to dis-arm when our leaders keep openly inferring they are a potential target? Give me a break!

One more thing to get straight . . . we expect "cooperation and answers" from North Korea and Syria, yet our government totally ignores the dictates of the United Nations and unilaterally attacks Iraq and Afghanistan? We want answers from these supposed threats to our security yet our government will not answer even the most pertinent questions about 911 or any other issues that pertain to its "War On Terror"?

Americans and their leaders obviously have a bad case of racism when dealing with "unfriendly" nations! Double standards like these can only be the result of such racism.


Americans Missing Something?

It never fails to amaze me how Americans can have a total lack of memory and perspective on current events. They seem to forget from one day to the next, especially when it comes to government coverups. This makes it so easy for the government to get away with abuses. Imagine a repeat sex offender standing trial and not one mention made of his past crimes during the trial. Imagine someone being tried for arson and not one mention made during the trial that he has repeatedly been tried for the crime.

There is a common thread running through recent American history that US citizens should clearly see by now. Anyone who cannot or will not see it is woefully in the dark. These people cannot really term themselves good informed citizens even though they will be the main flag-wavers when the government blows the flag-waving-be-a-good-patriot whistle. The common thread I'm referring to is government coverups.

If people were more aware of this thread it would be much more difficult for the government to sweep the truth under the rug and get away with crimes against humanity AND the American people. As it is, each new major crime, such as 911, is treated on its own merits and not seen through the light of this thread. Obviously if a government can get away with covering up its own crimes it will go on committing them.

A good sound democracy must continually have its government on trial. That government must be accountable to its constituents or by theory it is NOT a democracy. The "Trust Our President" mentality is for the blind sheep who aren't even aware they are being led to slaughter. Blind trust only invites the abusers of trust to take advantage of that trust.

There is really no excuse at this point for most Americans not to see that their trust has been abused over and over again. It has happened so many times. Many Americans live in denial that their government can do anything wrong, but history has shown many times over that a population that blindly follows its government only heads down the road to ruin.

If you blindly follow and believe, then you are no better than the Nazi hordes that came close to destroying the world. If you do not demand the truth from your government, then you are not really an American! This government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, not for the big corporations that steer it to their greedy advantage!

Nothing has really changed since 911- the government still violates civil rights, still attacks other nations on trumped-up criteria, still meddles in other nation's affairs, still allows Israel to rampage through its neighbor's territories without sanction, still supports national leaders that act as their puppets, repressing their own people, and still covers up its crimes to the American people. Only the intensity of all these things has changed, not the substance.


Fleeced Americans

The only thing that helps me keep my sanity with regards to the Bush adminstration's fleecing of Americans is this-

If Americans choose to keep their heads buried in the sand, if they choose to let their silly pride get in the way of truths, if they continue to block out and censure those who try to reveal the truth, if they continue to revel in their little materialistic worlds, if they continue to justify violating other nations through a false feeling of superiority, if they continue their immature games of party politics, if they continue to believe the terror fairy tales concocted by the government without any critcal thought, then they trully deserve what they are getting from this sadisitic, greedy and immoral government.

And as recent history has shown, when the American people are ready and willing to be fleeced, the Bush family and their associates are the ones best qualified to do the job.


The Blame Game

Why do the Arabs get blamed for the crimes that Israel commits, specifically to blame on the Arabs? The Israeli government, since its inception, has hidden behind a cloak of saintliness that allows it to get away with crimes against humanity. And to make this even worse, we, as USA taxpayers, have to dole out 3 billion a year to the Israeli government, most of which goes to a military that is already the 4th largest in the world. Add to this the fact that these payments are not repaid and never have been expected to be repaid. The American people are mainly in the dark about this and the crimes Israeli governments have committed against Americans.

Just think of how many schools, hospitals, highways, etc. can be improved with that 3 billion dollars that mainly goes to stirring up more anti-Israeli hatred in the Mideast. It is irresponsible when the American people are kept in the dark about these things and furthermore, even when they know about them, cannot do anything about them. Even the Israeli people themselves, and most Jews in the world, are aghast at the inhumane treatment that the Israeli government dishes out to its neighbors. If it is a crime for an Arab country to attack or mistreat peoples, it is also a crime for Israel.

I love the Jewish peoples of this world. They are a very religious, colorful and benign influence, I believe, on societies. The thing that irks me is how the Israeli government hides behind a cloak of respectability and holiness, thanks mainly to a US goverment that will not challenge Israeli crimes, and makes it tougher for all of the innocent Jews of the world. We cannot have double standards when it comes to justice, and any crimes that any nation must be punished for must also apply to Israel. I am not picking on Israel here, just pointing out facts that the American public is long overdue in knowing.

Americans are in a very dire economic situation now, with a gigantic deficit, and it does not serve our interests to be giving free loans to a nation that only uses them to throw more fuel on the fire of international tensions, not to mention the anti-American sentiment it also arouses world-wide. We must deal with Israel now. This is not Israel's nation, but a nation for all Americans supposedly. When Israel can openly attack Americans and pin the blame elsewhere, when Israel can take our hard-earned money and use it to repress and terrorize people, then there are traitors in our midst who allow this situation to go on unabated!


American Boogey

Just as terrorism is being used as a justification for military action to deal with threats to American corporate interests, so too was the Cold War used as a pretext to interfere with, obstruct or overthrow foreign governments who were branded as too Pro-Soviet. Just as our leaders weren't really interested in the encroachment of the Red Menace, via Moscow, upon a world whose freedom was supposedly threatened, so too are our present leaders, in the exact same Cold War formula, not really interested in stopping "terrorism".

In fact, without any terrorism there is no justification for any military action. This in itself should make a totally gullible American public suspicious as to who is really behind all the terrorism in the world today, terrorism that only really benefits those who reap the benefits of the anti-terror spending. The important thing is NOT who actually sets off the instruments of terror, but who actually initiates the plots and pulls the strings. Abe Lincoln may have been wrong: so far most of the American public has been fooled ALL the time!

As long as the American public remains in the dark about these "bogeymen" enemies that we are constantly reminded of, the government and controlling corporations will have a field day at our expense! Just like the famous hamburger ad years ago where the elder lady asks "Where's the beef?", Americans are going to have to acquire a "Where's the evidence?" posture if they can ever hope to regain some power in their own government. Blind obedience is not a virtue when it comes to democratic government, but a cancer.


Good guys/Bad guys

Unfortunately, Americans have been conditioned to see everything around them in a "good guy/bad guy" frame of mind. This conditioned state of mind comes from the media, where everything presented to the public seems to be based on this dichotomy, and always in a simplified form. There is never any gray area, just "good guys" and "bad guys". In the real world, this makes it easy for the government spinsters to frame individuals and nations in this light. The simplified and sanitized official versions of just about every wrongdoing ever committed against Americans, from the JFK assassination to 911, are easy to impress upon a public that has been conditioned to always accept the good guy/bad guy scenario, damned be the real facts.

Americans live in a fairy tale world, thanks to the brainwashing that they unknowingly expose themselves to each and every day. Their simplified and false perceptions about the world are further cemented in their minds by misinformation through the media. These perceptions have become so solidified in many Americans' minds that denial has become a real serious deterrent to any major factual disclosures about wrongdoing on "our side". People just do not want to believe that they are in error or have been fooled.

Add to this perception problem the divisiveness that party politics brings, where people do not want members of their party being accused or brought down by accusations, and the prospects of the truth ever emerging in a significant way in this nation are indeed slim, if not impossible! Even when Americans actually get a brief snippet of truth, such as the forged Niger uranium claim made by the Bush administration as part of their pretext to invade Iraq, it is a slice of truth severely compromised and some "bad guy" always gets left holding the stick of blame.

Not until Americans take it upon themselves to access sources of information that are totally factual and documented will this nation ever hope to take a turn toward the truth in its direction. Unfortunately, for this to happen it usually takes a cataclysmic event, something far more shocking and inconvenient than a 911 or a TWA 800 shoot-down or a Waco or an Oklahoma City bombing or a power outage- something that affects most of us in a very big way. Americans have come to take what they have for granted and have lost their hunger for truth as far as how they are governed. When they are put in a position to really care, then maybe they will regain their hunger for self-governance.

If you truly care about something you make the effort to know the truth . . . and only when you have the truth can you truly care about anything! I see a sad irony today in this world: Palestinians and Iraqis and many peoples in many nations have been severely cut off from their rights to self-determination, to self-governance, by outside forces. These peoples are certainly more hungry for self-determination than Americans- they have a real personal stake in the matter and consequently they KNOW the real facts far better than the misinformed, naive and brainwashed American.

We are stuck in our "good guy/bad guy" comfort zone, deluded to believe that since America is always the "good guy", we have nothing to worry about, and hence no need to dig up any real truths. This "comfort zone" only confirms and solidifies our fairy tale perceptions about what is happening in the world. As long as our livelihoods and basic rights are not in any way blatantly violated we are content to go along. Hunger for truth is becoming un-American.

I personally feel that the truth can prevent much suffering and hardship in that the perpetrators of illegal wars and whatnot can be held accountable for their actions. Sadly, it will take an event like the Great Depression to stir enough Americans to actually wake up and demand accountability, and not stop till they get it. Unfortunately, if and when they do get it, they will probably revert to another 30-40 years of materialistic bliss and non-caring as the instruments of brainwashing start to grind again!


Us "Civilized" Americans

From the New York Times, concerning the bombing at UN headquarter building in Baghdad:

President Bush, speaking in Crawford, Tex., condemned the bombing as the work of "enemies of the civilized world." He said: "The terrorists who struck today have again shown their contempt for the innocent. They showed their fear of progress and their hatred of peace."

Contempt for the innocent? Fear of progress? Hatred of peace? Enemies of the civilized world? Terrorists? Give me a break!

Bombing two nations(Afghanistan and Iraq) on false pretenses and killing thousands of innocent people is NOT showing contempt for the innocent? Attacking two nations without any proper legal proceeding or investigation is NOT the action of a civilized nation? Fomenting fear, hate and divisiveness through lies and distortions to further the agenda of war is NOT the love of peace? Bombing innocent and already downtrodden peoples is NOT the work of progress? Bombing defenseless, innocent people IS the ultimate act of terrorism.

Obviously, Bush and Co., and most recent high American officials, seem to think they are above the laws that they constantly keep referring to in condemning others. The hypocrisy of this nation and its leaders has always sickened me, but it is reaching a point now where I actually wonder whether Americans actually deserve a democracy. People who choose to keep their heads buried in the sand without any consideration of the morality of their leaders' actions simply do not deserve a fair government in my book!


Bin Ladened To Death

All of the pre-911 intelligence reports about possible Bin Laden terrorist actions only seem to serve one thing in my view- provide a clear established patsy when the attacks took place. Remember all of those "Lee Harvey Oswalds" walking in and around Dallas in late 1963, making sure that there would be a public record of "his" hate and aversion for President Kennedy? Oswald sightings were reported in places that the real Oswald could not possibly have been at the time. These were obviously look-a-likes providing a real suspect(patsy) for the impending assassination of JFK.

Apparently, it was more important to have Bin Laden's supposed plans of terror on the intelligence record than to worry about what the American public might think as far as government foreknowledge and lack of preventive action. Besides, why would the perpetrators want to stop their own 911 plans. If Bin Laden had been arrested and incarcerated it would be alot tougher for the government to explain away 911. Oswald could not have shot Kennedy behind bars. He had to be in place when the assassination occurred, in the Texas School Book Depository. Bin Laden had to be in place, also, hidden somewhere in the first nation on the attacks plans of the neo-cons: Afghanistan.

I sincerely doubt that there were ever really any substantiated Bin Laden plots uncovered by intelligence. Remember, this was all BEFORE the forged Niger/uranium document, purporting to show that Iraq was buying uranium for a nuclear weapons program. Look how long it has taken for this story to even begin to slightly leak into the public's awareness! Anyone who controls the flow of intelligence can easily create false records. Why should we believe the pre-911 Bin Laden intelligence reports any more than all of the other lies we have been subject to since 911?


Viet Nam "War"

People seem to forget that the Viet Nam "war" was just as phony and farcical as Gulf Wars I and II. After the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and the Geneva Peace Treaty divided Viet Nam into two provinces, North and South, CIA operatives began a campaign of terror and propaganda which resulted in a mass migration from the North to the South of 1.1 million VietNamese. The CIA actually transported most of these migrants.

What caused this migration was a terror psy-war campaign which led VietNamese people to believe they would be executed by the Northern "communist" government if they stayed in the North. Most of these migrants were Catholic Vietnamese(hence, maybe sentimental ties to the deposed French, a mainly Catholic nation). These migrants settled in the already crowded South Viet Nam, a "nation" that wasn't really a nation as yet in the sense that it had no military or real representative government or policing force. It was a mere creation of the Geneva Accords with a puppet government installed by the United States, giving the CIA a foot in the door, so to speak, to determine events in Viet Nam.

As this puppet government began confiscating land from the peasants and giving it to the Northern migrants, mainly the middle to upper middle class Catholics, thievery became rampant as the deposed peasants had to steal to survive. The French constabulary police force was also disbanded, further adding to the turmoil. Additionally, the Chinese merchants who had for centuries been the conduit of the Southern Viet Nam economy, trading with the peasants, were banned from the South, being branded as "communist". All of this sudden rupture of traditional Southern Viet Nam customs created a volatile environment where starving peasants, their land taken from them and/or unable to trade with the Chinese merchants for goods merely to survive by, became a large band of thieves roving the countryside, trying to survive.

These ripped-off displaced Vietnamese became the "communist" insurgents, the Viet Cong, in the eyes of Americans, mainly because they were portrayed as that by the government/military/intelligence apparatus. This was a total distortion of the truth, a total lie. The military that was formed for South Viet Nam, recruiting individuals who needed the pay to survive, became a ruthless repressive force against their own people, thanks mainly to the training of CIA advisers. This was the start of the so-called Viet Nam "war", a conflict, as you can see, that was fomented and instigated by the CIA at the behest of the military/industrial complex.

50,000 Americans and about two million Viet Namese died in this phony war, a war stirred up to profit no one else but the military/industrial complex. Just do a little research on the corporations that provided materiel for the Viet Nam "war" and you can will see the immense profits that they reaped at the expense of a duped tax-paying American public. Americans lost in terms of blood, money and world prestige. Sound familiar? The same process of misinformation and conflict-instigation is now ongoing in Iraq. And like the displaced Vietnamese peasants of the early 60's, Iraqis who want nothing more than to make and determine their own lives are being branded as rebels, Hussein loyalists, anything to make them the enemy in the eyes of the misinformed American.

If and when Americans can learn about this hidden aspect of Viet Nam- how the Vietnamese were herded into warring camps, how the American public was duped and lied to by the government- then maybe we can began to understand the corporate monetary motivations that seem to constantly keep this misinformed and duped nation at war! We are literally a bunch of sheep being lead from one warring pasture to another!

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