Monday, January 03, 2005


911 Attacks Overwhelmed Response?

Does the 911 Commission actually expect the American public to believe that the 911 attacks overwhelmed the response mechanism of the United States? Apparently it does. Despite repeated warnings of imminent terrorist attacks to the Bush administration, are we to believe that these attacks STILL overwhelmed and paralyzed our NORAD defense systems? This is one of the biggest piles of official dung that I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen plenty in the past 40 years!

NORAD has numerous jets to scramble as well as numerous bases from which to scramble them. All it would have taken on September 11, 2001 was an order to scramble, REGARDLESS of the situation. It was known AT LEAST that airliners had been hijacked and this alone is enough reason to scramble jets. Regardless of how many alleged mixed or confused signals our defense infrastructure and government officials were getting on that day, just the fact that airliners were hijacked would have been a basic starting point to enact air defenses- scrambling fighter jets to intercept them. This obviously was not done.

Once again, the 911 Commission is obfuscating the more pertinent and basic issues that need to be addressed here, such as 1) how did airport security allow the alleged hijackers to board in the first place? 2) what aspects of 911 point to an "inside job"?(something any coverup panel obviously will never touch!) 3) why has an investigation of 911 been continually hindered and blocked by the Bush administration? 4) what about the suspicious stock trading immediately before 911? 5) why was there never any forensic investigation of the collapsed buildings? 6) were there actually Arab terrorists on the planes and what about the stolen identities of the alleged hijackers? There are too many questions to be listed here but basically any question that would open up a can of worms on the official version of 911 is strictly avoided.

The 911 Commission will go down in history, I am sure, in the same league as the Warren Commission- an instrument of whitewash instead of open and honest investigation. As one Warren Commission member stated to Wesley Liebler, a counsel to the Commission, with regards to the testimony of Sylvia Odio concerning the conflicting whereabouts of Lee Harvey Oswald on a certain date- "We are supposed to be closing doors, not opening them." Our government is guilty of deceiving the American people, their supposed constituents. The sad thing is that most American are totally unaware because of their state of misinformation and ignorance in these matters!

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