Saturday, January 01, 2005


911 Foundation Facelift

Even though many Americans are beginning to finally see the connection between 911 and the implementation of the War On Terror in a more inquisitive mind set, they still fail to miss a most important point in considering the whole scenario. This point is how the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. Built in 1973, WTC 1 and WTC 2 were built to withstand airliner impacts into them as well as high-temperature fires. Add to this mystery the collapse of WTC7 later in the day of 9/11-2001 and you have three most unlikely architectural events that have never been investigated or explained by the government.

To parallel this with another event in our American history, this is just like the government sticking to the lone-gunman theory in President Kennedy's assassination, with Lee Harvey Oswald firing shots above and behind the presidential motorcade, even though many witnesses as well as the Zapruder film clearly show Kennedy being driven backward and to his left by a frontal head shot. We can even draw a parallel with the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996- the government sticks by its "center fuel tank explosion" version despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, including numerous witnesses that saw a streak of light intercept the airliner, causing its disintegration and explosion.

After the WTC collapses, many Americans with more inquisitive minds or just plain common sense as to how such large buildings would indeed fall began to question the "fire melted the steel frames of the building" claim by the government. Unfortunately, the metal from the buildings was never given an examination. It was shipped off overseas as scrap metal. Here we have probably the most important investigation in our nation's history and the centerpiece of forensic investigation is shipped off without examination! Even evidence in the TWA 800 investigation was seized by the FBI without any real accounting procedure in place.

This fact alone should alert Americans, or at least cause some suspicion, that a coverup of the real causes of the collapses was in place the minute the buildings tumbled down. This covering up of crime scene evidence also happened in the Oklahoma City bombing, where the demolished building was buried and then guarded by government agents. If the forensic evidence supports the government's assertions, then why is it being treated this way? My answer to this is that the evidence does NOT support the government's case.

If the WTC collapses were not caused by the fires, but by controlled demolition(which is very obvious to me), then it only means that 911 was an INSIDE JOB, assuming that Arab terrorists would not have access to the WTC's to emplace demolition charges. This point gains further momentum when considering the 1993 WTC bombing which aimed to bring the WTC's down. Security would have been greatly enhanced.

Any argument concerning 911 and the War On Terror has to start with this more realistic piece of information present in its foundation- fires did NOT bring down the buildings. They looked like controlled demolitions because that is exactly what they were! The government and its media mouthpieces have continually placed Arab terrorists in all the devious roles surrounding 911, but not once has it served up resounding evidence to prove its assertions. To really get to the bottom of the 911 argument, one has to go all the way back to square one, and that means considering Arab terrorists as innocent until proven guilty!

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