Monday, January 03, 2005


911 Multiple Choice

Which actions below are indicative of guilt with regards to the 911 attacks?

1) There are terror plots being uncovered and brought to the attention of the US government. Which of the following actions indicate guilt?
a) Start making arrests of the alleged perpetrators to get to the bottom of the plot.
b) Increase security at all public and transportation facilities.
c) Call off and ignore warnings, investigations and pursuits of terrorists within reach of the government.

2) Airliners are hijacked and crashed into buildings. Which of the following actions indicates guilt?
a) Scramble jets immediately to intercept the airliners.
b) Stand down jets while the airliners crash into their targets.
c) As a high government official, drop what you are doing and assume defensive functions of your office.

3) The planes have done their damage and the attacks have taken place. Which of the following indicates guilt?
a) You immediately start an investigation to find the culprits, subordinating opinions to the principle of jurisprudence.
b) You immediately point the finger of blame without an objective and by-the-book investigation.
c) You continually block all efforts at an open and objective investigation.
d) You initiate an investigation without any strings attached.

In all three questions here, the US administration's actions fit the "guilty action" responses. Of course, the "guilty action" answers are 1c, 2b and 3b&c. Give this exam to your friends and see what they come up with.

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