Monday, January 03, 2005


911 Report Another Coverup

For those of us old enough to remember the release of the Warren Report concerning the assassination of President Kennedy, the release of the 911 Report by the 911 Commission rings familiar. Both reports, released right BEFORE elections(1964 and 2004), are exercises in nothing more than total obfuscation of the truth. If the American public cannot realize the enormity of the lies and cover up in the 911 Commission by now we are in for some very hard times ahead!

The Warren Report rested on the premise that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed President Kennedy despite tons of evidence that totally struck this contention down. The Warren Commission's investigation revolved around this premise even though it was a total fabrication supported by flimsy and unsubstantiated circumstantial evidence. Similarly, the 911 Commission operated and investigated on the premise that Arab hijackers hijacked four airliners on September 11, 2001 and crashed three of them into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, with the fourth one crashing in Pennsylvania after a struggle between hijackers and passengers.

The 911 Commission's report rests on a premise that has never been proven by either the CIA or the FBI. The 911 story that many Americans have cemented in their knowledge base is nothing more than a gigantic government fairy tale, spun to keep people's anger and fear directed in the right direction, towards Arabs. In the coming months and years the 911 Report will become just what the Warren Report did- a controversial report that obviously did not touch on all of the available information and presented conclusions not based in actual fact. In other words, both the 911 and Warren Commission Reports are nothing more than prosecutorial exercises to convince the public that certain people are guilty. The defense for these people is totally nonexistent in both investigations!

When are Americans going to get it? When the government is being investigated, or at least agencies and people within that government, any government investigation is compromised from the beginning. Just take a look at all of the government investigations in the recent past that have done nothing more than cover up the truth- TWA Flight 800, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City bombing, JFK and RFK assassinations, Martin Luther King assassination, Iran-Contra, BCCI scandal, KAL007 shootdown, voting fraud, etc etc etc- and you get the idea that a government cannot really investigate itself.

The 911 Report is out now and you can rest assured that it will just open up another can of worms. Conveniently it will be just another tool of division of the American public. As long as the government fails to come clean on key questions concerning 911, and there are tons of them yet to be answered, if they ever will, the real perpetrators will remain free to carry out similar actions against a fooled and naive public.

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