Saturday, January 01, 2005


Aggression Equals Terrorism

Most Americans, even those who are repulsed by the brutal and aggressive tactics that our troops seem to have acquired, seem to be missing what I feel is an accurate point in the so-called War On Terror. This point is that the more aggression and unbridled murder that this administration can get away with, the better chances that "terrorism" will remain a tool of the victimized people. Therefore, the administration's militaristic and aggressive approach to the War On Terror is actually a guarantee that the war will go on indefinitely. I am quite certain that this is the goal.

This view is taking criticism of government/military tactics one step higher. Instead of placing blame on supposed MISTAKES that cost civilian lives, the criticism here is that the brutalization of Iraqis and Afghanis is a PURPOSEFUL tactic to ensure a continuation of "insurgency and terrorism" , and hence, the War On Terror. 911 itself was the instigating event to US military aggression in the Mideast- why should the perpetrators stop there with stirring up reasons to invade and conquer? As long as they can get away with it, why should they stop fomenting war, war that lines the pockets of powerful corporations that acquire lucrative war-related contracts at American taxpayer expense?

War is just like a farmer's crop- the seeds of disinformation are planted in people's minds and nurtured by continual propaganda, leading to a point where people are willing to fight the supposed enemy. The whole 911 scenario that the government continues to stand by, despite massive amounts of unanswered questions and information that points guilt in another direction, is a seed that has been implanted in gullible and misinformed American's minds. Anytime Bush wants war he just invokes 911, knowing that most Americans are totally ignorant that it is nothing more than a gigantic hoax, a fictitious seed that has grown into an established American myth.

If powerful people want war for their own profit, it behooves them to keep the masses fearful and at each other's throats. Cold-blooded slaughter of soldiers and civilians is a step in this direction. It is time for Bush's critics to take off the kid gloves and brand this administration for what it really is: a cold-blooded war machine that profits off the death and misery of millions! Anyone who still thinks that we are spreading democracy is terribly in the dark and sickeningly naive!

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