Saturday, January 08, 2005


AIPAC Spying Carte Blanche

The recent spying scandal concerning Larry Franklin and the Pentagon was an issue that was avoided and not discussed by attendees of the AIPAC National Convention in Hollywood, Florida two weeks ago. From

"Some said the biggest vindication comes from the fact that no charges have yet been filed. The investigation appears to have stalled, if not faded away, according to sources close to AIPAC and in Congress."

Are these people serious? Does that mean a person is innocent, even though he was caught red-handed burning a house down, if the Justice Department and FBI do not investigate and let the case "fade away?" Unbelievable! American spend billions of tax dollars annually on intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the federal government and yet someone can spy, steal sensitive foreign policy documents and give them to a foreign government and the Bush administration(as previous administrations have done) pulls the rug out from under these same agencies? This is an abuse of government power! The investigation and any possible indictment, trial and punishment should fit the crime, regardless of who is being investigated.

If Arabs were caught spying on the United States, I would bet that the government would go out of its way to prosecute, even using trumped charges to frame innocent people. And yet, here we have an Israeli caught with his hand in the cookie jar, as have so many Israeli spies in these recent turbulent years, and all the Justice Department can do is let the cases "fade away". If we are to have unequal justice for Israelis and any other ethnic group in this nation, then the phrases "and justice for all" and "land of the free" are but hollow mantras for a misguided and brainwashed nation! This is legal discrimination at its worse.

I think that the only people who are going to have a chance at exposing the lopsided Israeli influence on American policies are the Jewish people themselves. Anyone else who tries to do this is branded "anti-semitic" in a by-now well-known knee-jerk response. Israel DOES have an undue amount of influence on our government's polices, especially when a spy like Larry Franklin, working out of an office in the Pentagon, goes scot free. If this doesn't point out the hypocrisy in our government nothing else will!

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