Saturday, January 08, 2005


Allawi The Village Idiot

---Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi called the bombardment of Fallujah "a victory", but referred to the fears of a spiralling humanitarian crisis. "The civilians were really spared. There are no casualties among civilians. The troops followed instructions precisely," said Allawi.
Residents have been without water, electricity and food supplies for five days as fights intensified on the city's streets.---

Is this dolt-head serious? Does he expect the world to believe this line of malarkey? How could ALL civilians have been spared in the relentless bombing and search and destroy campaign of United States forces? There have already been numerous documented stories of civilians being killed, including seventeen doctors and nurses trying to cross the Euphrates River to aid people in Fallujah. I suppose Mr. Allawi considers anyone who allows himself to be killed in Fallujah, regardless of the circumstances, as an "insurgent".

Personally, I really do think that Allawi and Co.'s days as puppets for Bush Murder Inc. are numbered. Either he will be assassinated by his own people or the CIA, as in the case of South Viet Namese president Diem in 1963, will "disappear" him, replacing him with the next in line to carry out atrocities against their own people. Mr. Allawi may be sincere in his aspirations for the people of Iraq, but by allowing himself to be guided by the Americans, as he must to retain his office, he is cancelling out whatever positives he can bring forth in the current situation.

The bombing of Fallujah cannot in any humane sense be considered a victory. History will remember the onslaught on defenseless civilians, along with insurgents, in the same light as the Luftwaffe destruction of European cities in WW2. By sacrificing his fellow countrymen to prove his worth to Bush and the Zionists, he and his fellow Iraqi interim rulers will be placed alongside the Vichy government, Frenchmen who ruled over their own for the Nazis during WW2.

No, Mr. Allawi. The attack on Fallujah, savage and ruthless as it was, was NOT an occupational force success. It has only served to further ignite anti-occupational sentiment and anger in Iraq. In this sense it is only a success for the insurgent movement. Your days are numbered, caught between a duplicitous government that uses people and then destroys them(Saddam being a prime example), and the Iraqi people who want their hands around your sellout neck!

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