Monday, January 03, 2005


America The Beautiful?

Americans can rest peacefully tonight and be assured with a false sense of righteousness that they and their government are always in the right when dealing with the rest of the world. They can go about their merry lives in a culture becoming more morally corrupted with each passing day. I often ask myself how Americans can be so caught up in their own lives to be so totally ignorant and/or non-caring about the crimes that their government and military commit against innocent people around the world. Have we become so filled with denial that even broad-daylight-before-the-whole-world killings by our military and its allies go by without the slightest protest?

How can Americans, supposedly the guardians of the "free" world, stand by and accept the brutalities administered by Israel against a defenseless population in the West Bank? How can we stand by and allow our leaders to orchestrate what amounts to genocide and tyranny in Iraq? We have become corrupted almost beyond repair and it will probably take a disastrous and tragic event to wake us up to reality. When Americans and their leaders can sit by and justify the murder of innocent civilians- women, children, old people, noncombatants- then we have become the bad guys. Talking to an ex-Korean War paratrooper a few years ago, he admitted to me, based on his experiences in the KOREAN WAR, that "we are definitely not the good guys."

We have become immune to killing because our leaders provide us with all of the necessary justifications to ease our little consciences. We are also constantly spoon fed violence day in and day out through a media that has come to almost glorify violence, knowing that this will sell to the public. It is alright for this violence to occur as long as it is directed against the "bad" guys. That makes it alright. The only problem with this is that our leaders are nothing more than lynch mob artists playing on our fears and hatreds to get us to jump on their bandwagon of murder, intimidation and conquest against the rest of the world. There is no longer any cry for accountability from the American public, at least not in a critical mass sense. The government decides how we react to its crimes and violence, and we go along like little children.

America is NOT the America I was brought up to respect and serve. That America was supposed to stand for self-determination of people to govern themselves. For years now, the REAL America has thwarted genuine democratic movements and governments around the world so that American corporations could have a real "friend" placed in power. For years now, the REAL America has practiced and taught terrorism to be used against innocent people that want nothing more than to be left to decide their own democratic fates. When Americans hold up their nation as being a beacon of freedom, they are now either unaware or naive that their nation has become a thorn in the side of true freedom.

America the beautiful? If we as Americans can began the fight to reclaim our own government from the corporate robber barons and their covert thugs and government puppets, then maybe I will be able to utter this phrase without serious and justified reservations!

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