Saturday, January 08, 2005


America Painted Coward Red

Looking at the voting map for the United States(Republican Red and Democratic Blue) I am struck at how a nation can back a man that has repeatedly lied and misrepresented the American people. This reminds me of the early immigrants to this nation, who moved into swarming ghettos and "donated" to local mafiosos for their own personal protection. Bush and the Republican Party have lied and cheated their way once again. They have intimidated Americans with unfounded threats of terrorism and a total media coverup of their disastrous policies.

Most Americans seem willing to look past the alleged corruption that Bush represents and embrace the Great Protector image that the Bush campaign fosters. When Americans lose the ability to think reasonably because of government intimidation, then we have what you call totalitarianism, not democracy. This election, like many before it, has been decided by fear, hate and ignorance of the American electorate. The elite powerful few that own the mainstream media in this nation are all Republican supporters because the elitist policies of George Bush take from the common man and give to the rich. Like a pied piper, the mainstream media has once again ignored all signs of voter fraud and irregularities that favor Bush and instead rolled out a red carpet for his eventual coronation.

The media has ignored the lies that got us involved in an illegal and immoral war against innocent civilians in Iraq. The media has covered up the corruptive nature of this administration. In short, the media has laid down stones in the pond of democracy for George Bush to step over without getting wet! True democracy seems abhorrent to this unelected tyrant, witness the many cases of election fraud and irregularities that have plagued this election from the start. If these irregularities were allegedly carried out by the Democratic Party do you think the Republicans would take it sitting down?

Election 2004, like many before it, was nothing more than a herding of sheep in my book. Enough Americans are mislead, misinformed and just plain scared to cast a vote for a President that thrives on these things in people. There is no appeal to reason anymore, only to the cowardly and weak traits that threaten to drive this nation to the category of wimps and cowards giving their government carte blanche to make the rich richer and the powerful even more powerful. With this President and his abhorrent and inhumane policies we are headed straight for a ship wreck of vast proportions. I always wondered how the Germans allowed Hitler to gain such power- now I know! America has been painted coward red by George Bush and Co.

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