Sunday, January 09, 2005


American Cities Flattened?

I suppose Americans would be thrilled if a foreign nation attacked and flattened their cities, killing everything in sight. Of course, here in America we understand the concept of freeing a nation by destroying it, so our advanced sense of warfare technique would allow us to tolerate the destruction of our cities. We would know that it is for the over-all and long-term good. Iraqis who are upset and enraged over the destruction of Fallujah are just not up-to-date yet on the modern means of liberation.

Americans would just love to see cities like New York and Boston and Coral Gables flattened if it meant cleaning out the "terrorists" among us. I am amazed at how ungrateful these Iraqis are that we are doling out gigantic taxes to pay for the bombs that are accomplishing this cleansing process for them. This is only going to make the job that much harder as next we will have to destroy towns that aren't grateful for our destruction of their lives.

Sooner or later the Iraqi people will see the light and accept the maxim that to destroy and wage war is honorable and that peace is for the weak and degenarate parasites of society. Who knows . . . maybe 100 years down the road Iraqi future generations will be in a postion to do the same thing to future generations of Americans. Just think, it will be like some cultural exchange program! How wonderful war is!

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