Tuesday, January 04, 2005


American Free Elections?

Americans may think that they are about to exercise their freedom and voting rights come November 2, and technically, that IS the case. Realistically, however, you might want to stop and consider just what Americans ARE free from as they cast their ballots.

1) Are they free from the bias and prejudice that the media stamps on their collective misinformed mind concerning each candidate?
2) Are they free to examine and contest questionable voting results?
3) Are they free to get rid of a candidate that double crosses the American public once he is elected?
4) Are they free from the big-monied interests that have compromised our political system?
5) Are they free to decide if and when and where our military engages?
6) Are they free to have their dissenting viewpoints heard and considered in a fair and open national forum?
7) Are they free to investigate and prosecute government malfeasance?
8) Are they free to determine where their tax dollars are spent?
9) Are they free to speak up and/or protest without being branded or labelled un-American by their peers?
10) Are they free to hear the REAL issues(economy, health care, social security, taxes, Congressional oversight, etc) discussed and dissected by the candidates?
11) Are they free from the shackles of ignorance and hate and fear, three sure detriments to any objective discourse?

You might want to stop and consider just how free we really are as we go into yet another presidential election. To me, no election is free unless all of the above questions can be answered with a "YES". If even one is answered with a "NO", then we are certainly not a free nation.

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