Tuesday, January 04, 2005


American Patriot vs. Iraqi Patriot

Reading this morning that Blair and Bush will not allow any withdrawal of US/British troops from Iraq because they do not want to lose to the "terrorists", I flashed on the movie "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson. In this movie, which is about the Revolutionary War in which the American colonies gained independence from the Crown of England, a man's(Mel Gibson) family becomes unpreventably involved in the guerilla actions directed against English troops.

At the start of the movie, Gibson is against any military confrontation with England, fearing gigantic loss of life. If I remember correctly, Gibson's character had five or six children, including one boy old enough to fight and another who wanted to, but was not old enough yet. He also had two other younger sons. What changes Gibson's stance on fighting the British is an incident where after a brutal battle near his house, he takes in wounded American soldiers and treats their wounds. The next morning, a ruthless British commander discovers the soldiers and has them summarily executed. Also, Gibson's oldest son, a courier for the revolutionary forces(couriers are supposedly like medics in a time of war- immune from arrest by the enemy- I may be mistaken here though), is caught at the house and taken into custody by the British.

As his son is being dragged away from the house, Gibson's second oldest son, the one who wants to fight the British, runs to the soldiers and tries to free his brother. The British commander takes dead aim at him and kills him right in front of his family, shooting him in the back After, the British soldiers leave, Gibson runs into his house, grabs three rifles, and leaves with his two remaining sons. They ambush the British detachment, killing about 20 British troops in the process. Americans who watched this movie undoubtedly sympathized, in fact, cheered the ambush and killing of the British troops. It was justice done for the atrocities the soldiers had committed at Gibson's house, in particular the killing of his unarmed son.

What is happening in Iraq right now is pretty much the same scenario- so many people have been killed, imprisoned, brutalized, raped, robbed, terrorized, etc etc etc that the fight there has become the IRAQI PEOPLE against the occupying forces. The British Crown labelled colonial guerrilla fighters as "terrorists" in their own terminology I am sure. These colonial fighters for independence terrorized and caused tremendous damage and problems for the British forces, leading to their eventual withdrawal from the mainland. Our government certainly wants Americans to perceive that any resistance to American occupying forces is "terrorism", but the real truth of the matter is that our unjustified attack and subsequent brutal aggressions against a proud Iraqi nation has created an insurgency, just like the Revolutionary forces that won our independence back in the late 1700's.

There has been terrible brutality exhibited by both insurgents and occupying forces in this war, but one must always keep in mind who started this needless and immoral war in the first place- the United States and Britain.

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