Sunday, January 02, 2005


Americans Need A Mirror

Americans always seem to be on the run, like, to use the age-old description, a "rat race". They seem incapable of slowing down to at least take a good hard look at themselves. All this rushing around, fulfilling dreams of material enhancement, leaves no time to stop and consider what it would be like to switch roles with those nations that feel the brunt of USA military aggression. If they somehow could find the time to make a serious effort at thinking about this, here are a few choice scenarios they might consider:

How would we feel if:

1) Our nation was bombed(shock and awed) by another nation. Our main government buildings, our national monuments, public buildings . . . obliterated with seeming casualness, almost like an attack by some other-worldly alien race.
2) Our public leaders humiliated, slaughtered and imprisoned.
3) All sporting events, concerts, school events . . . everything that our lives revolve around is cancelled by the attackers.
4) The attackers allow looters to debase, destroy and loot our most precious links to heritage . . . our museums, our stadiums, our schools, anything that ties us to our daily lives and culture.
5) We are shot down like animals in the streets for voicing our disapproval.
6) Our natural resources are auctioned off to the highest bidders in the global corporate family.
7) Our jobs are terminated, our military dismantled, then reconstituted with only the most unsavory fascist types.
8) Our family and friends are shot at, abused, humiliated, raped, murdered by the occupiers.
9) A new system of government is shoved down our throats by those responsible for all of the above.
10) Our bravest resistance/freedom fighters are branded as "terrorists" and killed for fighting for our freedom.

Even if we can try to imagine these things happening to us, I don't think we will ever know what it's truly like until it really does happen to us. Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe, huh?(so suggests HG Wells). I think civilization is losing the race.

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