Saturday, January 01, 2005


Anti-terror Racket

The War On Terror is nothing more than a protection racket scam on a massive scale. Organized crime uses this scam effectively in collecting "protection fees" from people. Gangsters demand a fee from businesses in return for protection. If these businesses do not fork over the money they are attacked(arson, vandalism, beatings, etc.) The protection fee is actually an insurance policy for not being attacked by the people collecting the fee. It is the oldest trick in the book of organized crime: extortion.

Similarly, Americans are asked to fork over big dollars to be protected from terrorist attacks. If it gets to a point where there is a mass movement against such government policy, there will probably be another 911-like attack to remind people of the threats of "terrorism". Also, nations that do not go along with the War On Terror agenda will experience terrorist attacks on their own soil to expedite their cooperation. Organized crime also uses the tactic of terrorizing business owners and then stepping in as protectors after the fact. Sound familiar? 911 was nothing more than such an attack. The perpetrators terrorized the population into accepting what is in effect a massive anti-terrorism racket!

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