Sunday, January 02, 2005


Appeasing Terrorists?

Once again, the leaders of this nation are misinterpreting a world situation to bolster their political standing here at home. If Spain's troop withdrawal from Iraq is appeasement to terrorism, then what is the whole War On Terror, which has damaged the United States prestige around the world and bitterly divided this nation? Theoretically, at least, this damage should be considered a prize for any terrorist organization opposing the USA . With this in mind, is not the whole War On Terror a gigantic appeasement to terrorism?

While we're thinking about it- whatever happened to DEMOCRATIC appeasement? If the leaders of the so-called Iraq coalition had listened to their constituents and appeased their wishes and demands, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in Afghanistan and Iraq right now. Clearly, whatever take on the Spanish elections that USA leaders want to sell to the American public, the important thing is that the Spanish voters themselves were "appeased", certainly the first step in ANY legitimate democracy! It's high time for this nation's voters to take that same first step in opposing the genocidal and immoral policies of a government run amuck.

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