Saturday, January 01, 2005


Atmosphere of Delusion

Americans do not realize that they are the most lied-to people on the face of the earth. The mainstream media has built a dome of ignorance and delusion over our heads with regard to what is actually happening in the world. It DOES take courage to stand up for the truth in this environment, much like early proponents of a round earth were subject to censure and even persecution many many years ago. Myths are hard to shatter since they are built to re-inforce people's images about themselves.

The myth that misleads Americans is that we the people control our government, and that that government is ALWAYS the good guy in any situation. This is what people want to believe, and telling something that shakes this belief stirs up feelings of anger. It is peculiar how Americans can be so touchy over nationalistic issues- any time someone questions or criticizes the government the word "un-American" appears like a knee jerk response. This is for lack of real information.

If someone notified a neighborhood or even a city that a crime was about to be committed, and by doing so averted it, he would be seen as a hero. If someone, however, states that a crime is being committed by our very own government, he is subject to all sorts of unsavory reactions from the people he is trying to educate. Americans must be made to see that the anti-war movement is not motivated by HATE of America but by genuine concern, much like the neighborhood watchdog group would keep an eye on possible crime in their neighborhood.

When Americans finally see the true concern and dedication of people opposed to this government, then they will start to listen. The problem is quite simple to me- we are constantly being lied to and brainwashed. As tax-paying citizens we are entitled to the truth. What else is there for us if this is truly a democracy? The government knows that the truth will unite Americans, REAL Americans, against its actions, because I know deep in my heart that we as a people, without government interference in our lives, are really a compassionate and revolutionary force for positive change in the world.

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