Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Baghdad Gunship Attack

The attack on unarmed men and boys in Baghdad yesterday, who were standing around looking at a burning American military vehicle, thoroughly sickens me! As the American gunship hovered above the crowd, there was no sense of urgency in the people below, indicating to me that most of them, if not all of them, TRUSTED that the United States would not fire at them. Also, they probably did not feel any urgency because they weren't doing anything wrong. The perpetrators of the explosion that left the vehicle burning on the street were long gone, I am sure.

American actions against Iraqi civilians are now closely paralleling Israeli aggressions against the Palestinians. As long as the military option holds sway over the diplomatic one, innocent civilians will continue to die as more and more anti-American "insurgents" will be created. I began believing long ago that chaos and conflict are what the United States wants to maintain in Iraq as an excuse to keep occupying forces in place. Firing into a crowd of innocent civilians, for whatever reason, is a sure way to broaden the flames of anti-American insurgency in Iraq, and around the Arab world for that matter.

I'm aware that with over 100,000 troops in Iraq it only takes a small minority to commit acts like this to besmirch the whole US military effort there. However, Americans cannot lose sight of the fact that the attack on Iraq in the first place was a gigantic war crime against the Iraqi people. The troops who are only carrying out orders from their superiors cannot hold as much accountability, if any at all, for the brutality that the United States has visited upon the Iraqi population. The Bush administration must be held totally accountable for any and all actions committed against Iraqis. Just the fact that these monstrous, bloodthirsty and greedy leaders will never see the inside of a jail cell is a telling sad tale of our planet nowadays!

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