Monday, January 03, 2005


Banning Fahrenheit 911

It is time for Americans, REAL INFORMED Americans, to start boycotting theaters that refuse to show Fahrenheit 911. Censorship of a movie that won the Cannes Film Festival top award is certainly not a healthy thing to do in a nation that is supposed to be a democracy. If F911 incites terrorism, according to the owner of these movie houses, then what about all of the blatant violence prevalent in our movies nowadays? Does not this help spread the flow of violence and the callousness to it in our society?
"R.L. Fridley, owner of Des Moines-based Fridley Theatres, says the controversial documentary incites terrorism. . .

"'Our country is in a war against an enemy who would destroy our way of life, our culture and kill our people," Fridley wrote. "These barbarians have shown through (the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001) and the recent beheadings that they will stop at nothing. I believe this film emboldens them and divides our country even more.' "

How can F911 incite terrorism? This is like saying an expose on child molestors HELPS contribute to child molesting. Or a real expose on Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan helps presidential assassinations. If a document unearths players in high places that had some part in 911, however peripheral, doesn't this throw a block in the road to further terrorism to a degree? I fail to see how exposing the true nature of 911 AIDS terrorism. Exposing the real culprits behind 911 may not only curb future terrorism but may even help put the real orchestrators behind bars.

As far as "destroying our way of life, our culture and killing our people", isn't this something that the United States and Britain have been doing to Iraq for the past 14 years? Mr. Fridley should also be made aware that there is no evidence that these "barbarians" carried out 911 or the beheadings for that matter. If a documentary like F911 touches on the periphery of the 911 conspiracy, I would have to think that the REAL terrorists behind 911 will be intimidated, not emboldened!

F911 DOES divide this nation, but only into groups of people who are informed and those who aren't, so it is a BENIGN division that can be remedied only by people informing themselves to the real facts behind 911 and the War On Terror. I would rather be United We Standed behind the truth instead of blatant government lies! By banning F911 in his theaters, Fridley is only contributing to this division among Americans. A true democracy lets the people decide for themselves- it doesn't censor things that might make our leaders look bad, or worse yet, indictable!

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