Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Boston Tea Party 2005

I have a fail-safe method whereby the American public would always win regardless of the candidate elected. This would make the candidates pay more attention to the real concerns of Americans, not being in that much demand by them. The power attained through this method would recapture for the American people their rightful place in the power totem pole in this nation, I believe.

If, after the new president takes office on January 20, 2005, he does not pursue a planned course and corresponding actions towards a program that he promised to the voters, ALL American voters should refuse to pay their taxes. I am not talking about just tax protestors or antiwar people or feminists . . . I am talking about EVERYONE.

Taxation seems to be a topic that can be easily broached in public since most people have a conditioned agreement to the statement that we are all taxed too much. Since this topic can be easily raised without worrying about people considering you "un-American", it should be easier for people who want real change in this nation, for the better, to educate those who are unaware of the monstrous crime of over-taxation and underrepresentation that the government is perpetuating upon the American public.

If Americans were truly aware of the tax burdens that they carry, while getting crumbs from the government, they will be more prone to ask questions. If they see that the rich are getting much richer and the rest of us are in actuality being taken advantage of, they might make an honest attempt to find out how and why. Remember, it is much easier to accuse our government of over-taxation than it is of war crimes. But it is that very taxation that leads to the war crimes!

It may sound a little farfetched to some of you, but if Americans truly wanted an accountable government, not one that they cower to, they would join in a mass movement to NOT pay taxes until the government was totally accountable to them. We have the internet to spread this idea and be totally serious about it. The crapola has to hit the fan one of these days, and it just as soon be right now, right after another presidential election when we once again hold promise that promises will be kept. If these promises are nothing more than lies for votes, then we must refuse to pay taxes to an unaccountable government! It sounds like simple justice to me.

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