Sunday, January 02, 2005


Bush Administration and 911

At this point in time, if anyone still cries "conspiracy nut" at the mention of government complicity in 911, they have to be either blind, in denial, totally ignorant, stupid or all of these together. The information is there for anyone who cares enough to take the time to access- President Bush and his administration certainly did NOT do anything to prevent 911. This has been demonstrated recently with revelations by former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and former Counter-Terrorism chief Richard Clarke. The only question that remains to be answered is did this administration aid and abet the attacks of 911?

Here is a simple argument for anyone who finds himself trying to make nonbelievers at least consider this possibility:

The three stages of any crime are 1) planning 2) execution and 3) cover up. Most crimes obviously need a planning stage and would not be committed without a post-crime covering up of the deed to escape eventual prosecution. As far as execution of a crime goes here, I will consider KNOWINGLY LETTING A CRIME TO OCCUR WITHOUT INTERFERENCE as part of the crime itself. Let us now apply this to our own government's actions concerning 911.

1) Planning- The Bush administration ignored reasonably detailed and concrete warnings prior to 911 about terrorist threats within the United States. Investigations of known terrorists were stymied as Israeli spies tailed and observed the actions of these terrorists. There is certainly no excuse that 911 caught our government by surprise, and judging from lack of action on both investigations and Israeli intelligence(as well as many other nations), it seems fair to say that the Bush administration let the terrorist attacks run their course. I consider this part of the PLANNING.

2) Execution- Since no jets were scrambled to intercept the hijacked planes on 911, until it was too late, I can only conclude, based on past performances and defensive responses from NORAD, that an intentional "stand-down" of fighter jets was in place. President Bush himself did not respond to the announcements that our nation was under attack and kept reading to grammar school kids for a full HALF HOUR. All NORAD facilities were well within range of the hijacking area and had plenty of time to do their job, which they didn't. I consider this "negligence" as part of the EXECUTION- letting the attacks occur.

3) Cover-up- Of the three stages of the 911 crime, the Bush administration's role in this stage is far more glaringly obvious to the public. Two and one-half years after 911 the American people still have not had an objective and open investigation of 911. Forensic evidence which would shed light on this episode has been kept hidden away from investigators(similar to TWA Flight 800, Oklahoma City bombing and Waco). Even the metal from the collapsed Trade Centers was not examined, instead being shipped overseas as scrap metal! There is no accountability of important evidence that would shed light on the perpetrators. This covering up of evidence and roadbloack to investigation lies solely at the doorstep of the Bush administration. I consider this the COVER UP part of the crime.

If anyone does not at least consider government complicity in light of these facts he(she) probably still believes in fairy tales, at least the one spun by the government about 911 itself!

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