Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Bush and His Dimwit Legions

Regarding the gentleman who wrote whatreallyhappened.com about his "educated" parents voting for Bush- they are supposedly voting for Bush because he makes up his mind and does what he says? A few points they might want to consider first-

1) Bush "acts" on the advice and counsel of his neo-conservative mafia- I think he has little choice but to abide by the desires of the Israeli government mafiosos.
2) Would they rather have a president that remains headstrong in sticking by his decisions, even when they prove to be grossly faulty, or would they rather have a president willing to admit the mistakes of his decisions and be willing to alleviate them?
3) What difference does it make if you have a president who "makes up his mind and does what he says" when his decisions are always based on the welfare of his powerful and rich associates and not the American people he is supposed to be representing?
4) How can your parents judge Kerry NOT to have these qualities when he has never had the chance to be president yet? Given Bush's track record the past four years I think your "educated" parents should come to no other decision than to give Kerry a chance to correct the mess that Bush has created with his "made-up mind". If your parents do not perceive a mess in this nation, then they aren't as "educated" as they think they are. Educated and aware are two different things.
5) A president who remains steadfast by his decisions is putting this nation in an imposition, shutting down alternative options to his plans and thus shutting down the very mechanism of democracy. Therefore, if Bush propagates war and closes down all avenues of protest and democracy in the eventual direction of that war, that war is a waste as far as Americans are concerned since we cannot be fighting for freedom and democracy, not really having it ourselves.

I think older people of the "greatest generation" need a good sound kick in the butt, no disrespect intended. Just because they stopped Hitler and Nazi Germany in WW2 doesn't mean we can kick back now forever and take for granted that our government will always be the good guys. The problem with alot of the older generation who stick by Bush for this "we are always the good warriors" mentality is that they have forgotten the lessons that they taught us when we were kids- the Golden Rule for one- treat others as you would want them to treat you.

President Bush has fooled many Americans because those people do not have information to counter his lies with. If your parents are voting for Bush they may be unaware of the many crimes and lies of this administration that the mainstream media continually sweeps under the rug. Try and educate them on these issues and good luck!

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