Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Bush and Humanitarianism

President Bush speaks to the United Nations about the need for humanitarianism while he wages lie-based wars on two nations, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. In fact, I am beginning to consider even the people who are fighting back as innocents, since they are doing nothing more than defending their homeland against foreign aggressors.

A question for readers to consider- If Bush is reelected will this be a sign to the Muslim world that the majority of Americans, choosing to stand behind a leader that attacks their nations, are now fair game? Or is the Muslim/Arab world better informed than Americans are(that is not saying much!) and realize that between propaganda, scare tactics and outright voter fraud the majority of Americans are actually against Bush's policies and should not be targeted under any circumstances? I would go with the latter assessment myself.

Americans who are taken in by the government's propaganda and lies don't have a clue that antiwar/anti-Bush protest is actually a safeguard to them, showing the Arab world that not all Americans, in fact MOST Americans for that matter, are sickened by the Bush administration's gung-ho and reckless policies of aggression against the Arab world. If we all choose to be sheep, being herded around by a ruthless government at their will, we will have the same fate of sheep- eventual slaughter.

President Bush speaking about humanitarianism is like Charles Manson speaking about good black/white relations or the dangers of drugs. It just doesn't fit Bush's performance and is an insult to all humanitarian-based organizations in the world! If there was real actual humanity in Bush's head we wouldn't be brutalizing Iraqis and Afghanis right now, and the needs of Americans would be foremost on the mind of the president.

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