Saturday, January 08, 2005


Bush The Distractor

Since President George Bush is realistically a front-man for the big boys his dad lets him play with, shouldn't we be looking past this moronic wimp and at the people around him? You can rest assured that the backdoor perpetrators of the abduction of our democracy will be there.

Bush is nothing more than a Curly-like(3 stooges) character to make his fans adore and laugh in admiration, especially when he lets those bad guy "terrorists" have it a good one. Most(?) Americans are outraged at the very thought of Bush, but this is a convenient distraction for the power-grabbers around him.

If we removed Bush by impeachment, or worse yet, the president took sick and had to be replaced by Cheney for awhile, we might get a closer look at the monster's guts. I suppose ALL presidents are front men for the powers that put them there. It's just that the powers that steer El Presidente del estado de Texas are getting a little too bully for mankind.

Father Bush gave his son Georgie a big toy when he gave him the presidency. Now what we are seeing is a spoiled little not-too-bright rich brat abusing that toy, like a rich teen going 150 mph in a brand new ferrari, blowing up the engine. He is deluded into believing that he is actually in charge of the White House.

It works out so well for the Bush's- Daddy Bush continues to reap massive profits from oil/war interests while his son gets to play with the executive office, believing that he is El Macho Mission Accomplished! Should I be the one to tell George he is being made a fool of, and his powerful Daddy is letting him burn at the stake? Oh well, guess that's why rich people are rich- they're willing to sacrafice others to make a buck. George will be pissed if and when he realizes this I'm sure!

And the feudal subjects get poorer and more raggedy every day!

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