Sunday, January 02, 2005


Bush In Bakersfield

President Bush spent about 90 minutes in Bakersfield Wednesday, making another filled-with-hollow-promises speech at a local business, Rain 4 Rent, where grandstands for about a thousand people had been erected. At the southwest intersection adjacent to this business sits a grammar school, Beardsley School, where the children and faculty arranged a great welcome display as Bush's entourage turned right off of Airport Drive. The airport is about 2 miles north of the school on Airport.

Apparently, as the local myth now goes, seeing the welcome display, Bush sent one of his secret servicemen to the school to arrange for a short stop when he returned to the airport to greet the kids and teachers. It is sort of hard for me to totally accept this story. Certainly, Bush's protection and advisers HAD to know that the Beardsley welcome was in place BEFORE Air Force One touched down. It appears that there is a certain spin in place once again with regards to what is nothing more than another Bush photo op.

There is nothing wrong with giving children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet a sitting president. It is nice to actually see Bush surrounded by down-to-earth citizens for a change. Of course this event, like all Bush appearances, was carefully orchestrated to weed out potential signs of protest. And the area where Bush's entourage had to travel through, Oildale, is one of the redneck capitols of this state. Anyone who showed any sign of protest was risking his health down Airport Drive, and then at Rain For Rent.

Watching Bush extend his hands to the kids at Beardsley somehow made me sick. Bush and his cronies would gladly send these same little precious children off to die in their wars of conquest when they reach the right age. And what about the innocent defenseless children in Iraq and Afghanistan, murdered by USA military aggression and sanctions? It really angers me to see Bush USE these children in this way, then turn around and preside over an administration that spends billions to wage war while denying Americans funds desperately needed for our schools!

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