Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Bush Is A Symptom

President Bush is not the ultimate problem in this nation. The ultimate problem is the total and shocking lack of awareness of the American people about past and current events. Americans have forgotten or don't know about their past. For instance, we are not aware that Viet Nam was a psy-war-instigated war which saw the United States try to install a corrupt and ruthless dictator, in the guise of a people's chosen leader, to gain a foothold of permanent dominance and colonialism of the Indochina peninsula. Sound familiar?

Americans for the most part do not know about the CIA machinations that steered the Vietnamese into two warring camps, but that is exactly what happened. Over one million North Viet Namese, mainly Catholics, immigrated to the south of Viet Nam as a result of a relentless CIA psy-war campaign that led people to believe a communist takeover and pogrom of Catholics(remember, French colonization of Viet Nam left many Viet Namese Catholics) was on the way. The CIA airlifted and shipped most of these migrants. Anyone interested in a good alternative(but very true!) assessment of the Viet Nam episode should read Fletcher Prouty's "The CIA, Viet Nam and The Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy."

What resulted was a gigantic influx of Viet Namese Catholics in the southern provinces who were favored by the American puppet Diem. Land confiscations and administrative appointments favored the recently-arrived migrants, triggering a backlash among the peasant population being uprooted. Peasants deprived of their meager land by a corrupt Diem regime, the US puppet, turned to banditry to survive. These banditry later became the Viet Cong in Americans' perceptions, so avidly illustrated by our compliant media. Today, Iraqis who fight against the illegal invasion and occupation of their nation are termed "insurgents" or even "terrorists". Nothing has really changed.

Americans are the ultimate problem in my book because in an age of informational and data explosion, they have no excuse NOT to be aware of the multitude of facts at their fingertips. The problem is they just don't care enough about the direction this nation is taking to take the time to do a little research on their own instead of gobbling down the nightly media fib gourmet. This why it takes tragedy to motivate these people to actually care somewhat, and then be more open to alternative perceptions and views about the world. Our government and media has slowly entranced this nation into an almost hopeless state of ignorance and naivete!

We have been materialistically corrupted as a society in that our conscientiousness about treatment towards the rest of the world has taken a back seat to the "comforts" that we have become addicted to in an over-materialtic society. Bush and Co. are but symptoms of a society that has let its government be stolen by ruthless and profit-motivated corporations!

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