Sunday, January 02, 2005


Bush Lies, Not "Mistakes"!

Reading about the angry mother of a slain American troop calling the Iraq attack a "mistake", I still feel a sense of frustration. Terming the Iraq attack a "mistake" belies the fact that Bush and Co. LIED to start the war. How can this be termed a mistake? The evidence(or shall we say non-evidence) was there for anyone who cared to respect it, including millions of antiwar protestors who took to the streets, BEFORE the immoral preemptive attack on Iraq. It was also there for our leaders, who chose to ignore it, because their ultimate aim was not justice based on truth, but an attack on the second biggest oil reserve on this planet.

By terming the attack a mistake, it leaves open the excuse that our leaders are only human, and hence can make mistakes. This is a total lie and must be distinguished from the real truth in this matter- our leaders were intent on attacking Iraq years ago, eyeing the rich oil prize. They were not and are not interested in any truth that would get in the way of their greedy goals. Bush and the powerful interests and advisors that surround him are guilty of treason against the American people and should be held accountable, not let off by terming their actions human error! Their actions are intentional, done without any regard for the welfare of the American people!

As long as the American people continue to let themselves be suckered by our leaders into supporting their criminal war adventures around the globe, we will all be subject to deadly "mistakes" on thier part. It is time for the public to demand an accountability of these criminal leaders and also a law that prohibits presidential pardons for the president's criminal friends! It is also time for the public to wake up from their naive and ignorant slumber and start to be REAL active and informed American citizens once again!

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