Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Bush Media Bias

The media is trumpeting the third presidential debate as the possible decider of who will win the election. Can you believe this? Kerry was in total command of the first two debates, while Bush was on very shaky ground, and yet the third debate will be the winner-take-all? If this doesn't tell you which side the mainstream media is favoring nothing will. Whatever happened to best-of-three?

I suppose if Bush gets his moronic ass kicked a third time the media(White House) will come up with some lame excuse and the gullible public will once again forgive Poor Mistreated Georgie Boy! Are debates really worth the time when such one-sided performances don't make a dent in the public's perceptions? Or are the debates really just something to possibly make Kerry stumble on something in a monumental way, ala Nixon's profuse sweating in the 1960 debates vs. John Kennedy? It seems to me that Bush could urinate right there on the stage and it still wouldn't change a thing with his steadfast and blind followers!

No . . . the debates are not for people to decide their vote as much as it is to see the other candidate look bad in some way, or your candidate provide some good ol' debatin' ass-kickin'(at least in your mind). It is just a show for the voters, not a real discussion of issues. If people are actually enlightened during the debates on the issues, I must say that they must be very uninformed on the world's events. Most if not all of the stuff discussed by the candidates is old news to informed people, and you can bet the candidate who is best at manipulating the misinformed will score bigger with this audience. This is Bush's strong weapon in the debates . . . he KNOWS most Americans are suckers and he is comfortable being in a position to further sucker them.

John Kerry is far more intellectual in the debates, but this can turn off many people who see intellectuals as a sort of social snob and subversive. This is why Kerry has to reach out to those misinformed by making sure he trades punch for punch with a president who seems to get a kick out of putting others on the defensive. Regardless of what happens on stage, you can bet that the media will spice it up for the man they have been covering up for for four long and nightmarish years- George W. Bush!

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