Sunday, January 09, 2005


Bush Mental Blockage

President Bush, seen by many as being mentally limited in his job, may actually be just that, but not in the way that he may be popularly made fun of(denseness). If one takes the time to study images of Bush's face in various settings, there seems to emerges a constant theme in his countenance. He IS mentally limited, but only in the sense that he has an emotional blockage in his personality, not an intellectual one.

This emotional blockage deters President Bush's better instincts as he assumes the role of a crusading leader, using this role to hide from what he is afraid to face in himself. You see, George W. Bush was groomed to be a President from the moment he was born. His upper-class environment in growing up undoubtedly put enormous pressures on him as the wild and free 60's unfolded across the land. The temptations for young people in those days were varied and plentiful- sex, drugs, rock and roll. Young George had to tow the line of a rich uppity Ivy League crowd, far removed from Haight-Ashbury and rock and roll heartland.

President Bush has an inner conflict between what he knows is really right and what he knows is expected from him from his rich backers. Of course, it would be suicide for him at this point to just tell the rich people to go fuck themselves- we are going to have a 50 year party here in the states- no wars, only peace and a million summers of '67! I really feel that W is a real party animal, and he should know that the common man, us American peasants, know how to party better than anyone. Why is he wasting his time trying to please the rich assholes that have made his life a living nightmare?

Doesn't he realize that he can assume a place in history as a HERO if he would just for once take a stand for the common man American against his rich powerful ruthless heartless greedy backers and handlers? In fact, W can probably stand up to these assholes and get away with his life, since his dad is none other than one of the main mafiosos in the intelligence/industrial/military clique. They would just put out a story that poor George had some illness, maybe anthrax poisoning, and he just went bonkers. What a shame! No problem, we always wanted Cheney as President anyway. Might as well let the nation know who REALLY was president, huh?

George W Bush, if you are reading this e-mail right now, please chill out and start thinking for yourself, and as a real president, not some lackey front man for the rich greedy plantation owners in the dark. You DO have a sparkling personality, but it is being used for evil purposes, and you KNOW it. If you don't do something drastic, like firing Rice, Rumsfeld and all of the neo-cons in one night, at least you can gradually make little changes that might affect the tide turning in the favor of your most humble servant Americans once again. For that we would be so grateful and appreciative!

Yours sincerely,
A fellow American

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