Monday, January 03, 2005


Bush Re-elction List

Here is a gift list for the American people if and when George Bush and his criminal cronies are reelected/appointed in the coming 2004 elections-

If Bush is reelected

1) The American people do not deserve a democracy. A fascist dictatorship will be finalized.
2) They do not deserve a fair, open and honest government.
3) They deserve the same treatment that their leaders are dishing out to the rest of the world.
4) All people imprisoned will be subject to torture, will not have access to a lawyer and will be held indefinitely without being charged.
5) Any "opponent" of state policies will be rounded up and interrogated/tortured. Communities that harbor "opponents" will be subject to attack and occupation by government military forces.
6) All candidates for public office must be first approved of by the government.
7) All electricity, water, sewage treatment- services vital to public life- will be curtailed anytime the government wants to punish the population.
8) All media will face strict government censorship and alternative news services will be blacklisted, their editors and reporters subject to disciplinary action.
9) Using the excuse of national security, all public access to government documents will be curtailed.
10) Under the guise of eminent domain, private and public properties will be put on the auction blocks for foreign investors.

I certainly don't wish this on the American public, but it seems at this point that only something as radically-departing as these actions will ever wake up a sleeping and misinformed public! In light of what Bush and Co. have done so far(not to mention previous administrations that misled the public) it is going to take something pretty farfetched to accomplish this. Unfortunately, the cloak and dagger nature of the USA government will cloak the dagger to mollify most of the American sheeple into believing all is well and normal with the good ol' American dream!

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