Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Bush Special Treatment

Why many people and the media were focusing on President Bush's special treatment with regards to possible Viet Nam military service is beyond me. What about the special treatment he gets from the media? What about the special treatment he got from the Supreme Court in the 2000 election? What about the special treatment he got in being given his party's nomination for the presidency in the first place in 2000? He was handed the nomination from the very start, being the son of George HW Bush, our 41st president. Now that is special treatment!

Actually, many young men tried to get deferments from Viet Nam military conscription in the 60's, so focusing on Bush's military record from these times sounds sort of hollow for a real critique of Bush. I think that this focus on the 60's was more a distraction from the real issues that people should know about the present George Bush, issues that currently affect us all in the United States.

The current special treatment that Bush gets from the media is repulsive to those people who are aware of the crimes and coverups that this administration has carried out. The media will not touch these issues, mainly because the powerful people who own the media are in bed with Bush and his corporate fraternity thugs. As far as the misinformed American citizen is concerned, Bush can do no wrong, thanks mainly to a mainstream media that covers up every piece of political crap that Bush and Co. leaves in its path of destruction.

Meanwhile, any little tidbit of information that helps give Bush's agendas momentum and acceptance with the American public, regardless of its merit and truth, gets royal treatment by the media. When this information is disproved the media does not give it one bit of attention, leaving the original unchallenged-as-yet information alone in the public's mind. This is why 50% or thereabouts of Americans still believe that Iraq was behind 911, even though this charge has been thoroughly disproved by the FBI, CIA and the 911 Commission.

Bush's special treatment in the National Guard is not an issue today. His special treatment by the media is. When the media covers up crimes being committed by the administration, because those crimes benefit the corporate/media complex, it is an issue that must be addressed! Bush's special treatment in the 60's was no really outrageous example of special treatment since many young men got some type of deferment to keep them out of the draft. However, the special treatment that the media gives Bush and Co. that allows them to get away with murder is a crime!

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