Saturday, January 01, 2005


Bush Urges Patience and Debate!

A quote from President Bush concerning the transition to Iraqi self-rule:

"To get where they need to be is going to require debate and discussion - and that's healthy," he told journalists on Air Force One. "We've got to be realistic and patient about how they proceed."

Realistic and patient he says? Where was the realism in attacking Iraq in the first place? There was no real justification to preemptively attack Iraq OR Afghanistan for that matter. As far as Bush saying that patience is needed in the transitional process of Iraqi rule, just where was the president's patience in NOT allowing the UN weapons inspectors to do their job before he decided to go ahead and attack Iraq?

President Bush is actually encouraging debate and discussion in this process, also? Just where was the "debate and discussion" among the American people about going to war in either Afghanistan or Iraq? It just wasn't there as the mainstream media only presented a grossly distorted and one-sided case for war for the government. Bush is worried about a "healthy" process in the Iraqi power transition and yet his own administration has become like a cancer on our own American system, bypassing Constitutional safeguards to our freedoms constantly!

It is pretty difficult to preach and direct other nations to do what you yourself do not really practice: debate, discussion, realism and patience!

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